What Is There Left?

Here I sit, in my very cute AirBNB home not very far from my own, with a tiny glass of wine to just possibly bring sleep to the fore. I haven’t had much in several days – I wake over and over, force myself to get another hour…this morning I was awake at 4:30 – the alarm was for 5a so I just sat up and waited. I had a fair amount of time at the house when I got there to research for the interview – I hadn’t had a moment prior for it. Who knows how it goes…

Seems my router might have been dying but their Skype call was shite. I finally had them just add ,my cell to the call – it didn’t help that they had two in a conference room on speaker phone which adds its own on and off audibles. I was pretty honest, pretty much myself, because there was nothing else I could do. I was too exhausted to put on a show.

Would you like to see my office for the call? Imagine it with a snow of papers with notes…


Yep, pretty dang interesting. I hoped it wouldn’t all tumble down in the middle of the call. So…the movers last night were 90 minutes late but they hustled. They actually got a lot more in there than I thought they would. I still had to rush and get a storage space today and then this morning move a few things in the pods to fit in the misc stuff left in the house…but in the end my truck is full, the pods were full, and the things that had to get to storage got there. But this is the reason why. ALL BLESSINGS ON THE HEAD OF YOUNG ZACH! What a trooper – 1st, he showed up on time, 2nd, he listened as I point out preferred items to move, 3rd, he did it all on his own – even going to the space without me so that I could continue my work, and 4th – he got my beloved swing to fit in there! Oh, what joy, what ecstasy! I had resigned myself to having to leave it. But no – he got my fancy ass fuel cans, mower, tools, water barrels, and the swing safely stowed. I get verklempt just thinking about the good he did me today…I paid him  well. He was a bit freaked out when I told him to scavenge anything he wanted in the garage. He found things.

The pods were picked up. The things I thought I’d lose were not. The owners agreed to use some of my deposit for a make ready house cleaner fee so that I didn’t have to fret about it…so tomorrow morning I can go in, take a final peek, and say farewell to all that. A dear friend asked how it was last night to sleep away from the home for the first time – I had to think a moment. It really wasn’t that bad. Of course, I was exhausted and not really sleeping well anyway but…it is very quiet here, very dark, and I was quite satisfied. Now, ask me when I am staying with my brother and SIL after a couple weeks. Well, let us hope it will be no time at all and that a role comes through very soon.

Tomorrow, after the final farewell to the house, I head to S. TX for an interview on Friday – yes, another one I’ve had ZERO time to prepare for. But I’m pretty good at presenting a fine persona. I just hope I can look rested by then. Must remember to get some spoons from housekeeping to put in the fridge – swollen eyes respond to them, dontcha know.

I suppose that is all – the wine is working and I am fading. Best to get to my bed. Another early AM and then…the road. My word…what a week. I really must try to remember how I soldiered on in these days. I literally packed and moved an entire 4/3 home essentially alone – including the staging it for showing,  getting the mondo stack of free moving boxes so I had to buy only the ones for my books, and getting the pods set. I mean I literally did all but humping the furniture out the door…hell of a thing.

But the Chinese salon lady stole half my eyebrows with her aggressive waxing style. It’ll come back but MY FUCKING ARCH, YOU WHORE! Sigh…BTW, ladies, those crazy SNS style nails have survived it ALL and hardly looked scuffed. STUNNING chemical technology. Of course, probably unhealthy as hell but who cares?! They look great!

OK – I’m out.

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