Interesting Times

It is, indeed, a curse. So many balls in the air right now but one has been safely stowed. I cannot think about it too much – I managed to do it, it is done, and I won’t be capable of thinking about it for a month.

I decided to watch my favorite movie as a precursor. One cannot find this snippet anywhere so you will have to forgive the terrible video quality. But it is so…moving. Perhaps not so much without the rest of the film…you really ought to watch it. Just be sure it is the old B&W version.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Untitled from LauraB on Vimeo.

Interesting fact – Gene Tierney is buried in Houston, Texas. I always wanted to pay a call to her there but never managed it.

My word, what a day it has been. I simply cannot believe it. I refuse to…it was a dream. Yes – perhaps I can conjure my own Captain to whisper to me that this day was all just a bad dream.

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