Jester, the True King

The universe mocks me.

Last night I had a call from the daughter of that father-in-law to whom I just made myself a supplicant. The card sent too late. He may have had a stroke, or she may have dosed him – I would not put it past her and the tone of mild pleasure in her voice made me wonder.

He will go to the nursing home that his wife is now in. That avenue is closed. And the poor man…a godly man who will be left to his own wits in a system geared to keep them stoned and passive. I asked her if she would get him his phone charging cable and she was noncommittal. Having committed him her work is done. In a few days she will howl with laughter over my sad tale as she opens his mail – if she even bothers to fetch it. Poor man.


Jester, oh Jester
Why do you wake me so?

For I want to travel far away
To a place you will never know.

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