Another Trip…

…around the sun, as they say. This one was rather uneventful but I did get a serenade, gifts, and a rather large ice cream snack with my favorite dog. Unfortunately, I also got a leaking cooling system. I thought it was all set after a lower hose replacement but either it is not on securely or it is Something Else. I nursed her home, thankful I hadn’t gone much farther as I’d intended. Fingers crossed the gauges didn’t lie to me and there isn’t a blown head gasket or some such thing. I don’t think so – there was still some fluid in the reservoir and the gauges held steady. Tomorrow I’ll get it all wiped down underneath and see if I can tell from whence comes the lifeblood.

It has been a busy time of looking for work and submitting my info via many different online systems for same – none of them very well programmed, to be honest. And one…one dumped all my data and kicked me out after spending over 15 minutes editing.

I see it is a Leonids shower weekend. I might see if I can shake myself out of the bed after 2a and give it a look. But it might be smart to wait until tomorrow night so I can blaze all the fire ant hills and position my seat in a safe zone. If this were an ant-free location I’d bed down outside and set an alarm. Alas, the risk is too high.

I decided that I would need a nice dinner for myself and wisely bought ahead of time. Sea scallops (with Penzey’s Florida seasoning) seared in bacon fat and butter and then deglazed with chardonnay. Oh, yes. Of course, I also set down the very kind gift of my friend, Christina, who – the last time I was with her – gifted me with several bags of her charro beans. Now, for the uninitiated, these are a kind of pinto bean that strolled through the bayou and swam through a Cajun’s kitchen, wandered into a field of venison sausage and tucked some in its pocketses, and then decided some ham hocks wouldn’t go amiss. One of her best batches yet. I wanted to eat the entire thing but wisely saved the rest for lunch tomorrow.

I have a garden bench that needed renewal something fierce. I had it taken apart for months, waiting on – ahem – someone – to take care of it. I decided I could manage a quick job of it. I painted the metal framework a few weeks ago and, today, finished the stain and sanding of the boards. A nice first coat of beeswax soaked in well. I’ll probably add another tomorrow and then put it all back together with the new hardware I’ve had for ages. Assuming I find the baggy, again. I did put it up the other day but…where…? At any rate, it will be a nice perch to put outside and, actually, might be nice for star-gazing. Hmm. With sufficient blankets, pillows, and tea…

Well, there you have it. A rather dull version of the last week’s entertainments. I am just glad the puppy is quiet – she gets very antsy when he doesn’t come home. And he shall not for many days so…she will have to be very tired, indeed, the next few nights until she surrenders to his absence.

Oh – let me pass along this – I am in the throes of literature lust. Book 1 was amazing. Book 2? Sigh…I don’t want it to end because the lazy bastard is too busy coding and slaughtering pigs for the freezer to get on with it, I guess. Harrumph.

I will end this by saying to those who know me here and have been so very kind these last few weeks…you have been the raft I’ve clung to in stormy seas. I don’t think I’d have made it this far without you dear, smart, thoughtful friends. I will never forget it.

2 thoughts on “Another Trip…”

  1. The beans, hurray for you!! A celebration indeed!! I agree, I don’t think I would be able to drag my old bones out of a warm bed at 2am either. Tomorrow however is a different story. Youngest child went to Thespian convention in Dallas with her school group and won’t be home until close to midnight!! Stay strong, we’ve got this!!

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