Must-See TV…and an Author

So I stumbled upon this Youtube channel and it has become almost a meditational viewing for me. I can sit there and watch in the most sedate state of mind. Essentially, he has built cabins often in his life and this time took all his skills to build his For Real This Time cabin. And, as time goes on, he has made outbuildings and such. Each video is about 30 mins long – some shorter – so it really is like a program.

What is superior about his channel is that he doesn’t talk over everything – the scenery, the elements and even incidental music is left to tell the story. He uses a few different camera positions so you know he is taking time to reflect the scene differently but…it isn’t cut haphazardly. It feels like you are a ghost in his world, just skirting about him as he works on the place. The scenery is matchless, too. Honestly, I could just start at the beginning and let it run all day. If you decide to watch the log cabin build I highly recommend watching the whole series. This was one I watched recently and it was just…lovely.

And the author – I bought the Kindle book but then the Audible came out so I have been enjoying that version but…Travis Corcoran’s “The Powers of the Earth” is an amazing tale. It is a bit like “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” in ways but thus far rather different. But that gives you a sense of the theme. There is a Book 2 and he is writing book 3 when he isn’t giving farm hands their walking papers. Truly a Renaissance man, he has many irons in the fire. I am not sure we’d agree politically 100% but I am sure we’d achieve a good 85%. Amusingly, I’d written that if my husband left me I’d move there and be his farm hand for the price of 8 slices of bacon and two eggs each morning, and more bacon at lunch. How could I have known that my future might afford just such a chance? Well, I suppose I can save it as a final option. It is lovely in the northeast, after all, if rather brutally cold. Enough bacon, though, and I’d be alright.

Lastly, have I mentioned me Panda Planner? I thought I had but…my mind is busy these days. My dear friend sent me the large “pro” version when she learned of my troubles. It has been an incredible aid to me, keeping me on track, and yet it is more than a calendar or journal. It gives you the impetus to look for the good in life, to seek it out and appreciate it. To set goals large and small. I really cannot say enough about the format as it has served me quite well. It has become a ritual morning and night so that I don’t just let the day pass in confusion and pointless wandering. Good on ye, Christina. I love you.

I had an amusing text today from my other dear friend – I have very few because I am rather…selective. But she is known for her lead foot. She has a small sticker in the rear window of her land jet – “I know, I know…license and registration”. She is Known in her relatively small part of the world. Anyway, she wrote me that if I needed anything to just call and she would be here in 20 minutes, go ahead, try me. Mind you, it is actually closer to 50 mins away but I have NO DOUBT she’d hit that 20 min mark. Lord love her, she is one of a kind, a hellion, and the one who’d help you bury a body and piss on it for good measure.

In times like these you really do learn who you can trust, who really cares for you and who is playing both sides in an attempt to not take on trouble. I try to not fault those who are doing that – not wanting to pick one of us as The Friend. But when it is…rather obvious in tone I take it for what it is – and try to be thankful that at least I know.

In other news…I banged out some work today – cleaned the pool which was in dire need after 14 days of rain and wind…cleaned the garage to the extent I could so that eventually things could be stored in there. I can’t move the Harley so…meh. But I found some things that I was looking for, too, so Win Win. I repacked a kitchen box, hastily done in anger it was too heavy to be reasonable. And I cleaned out the hutch that we’ll use to stow the daily use items per the staging lady. Progress…if not as much as I’d hoped for. Better than getting nothing done for navel gazing.

I have to tell you – I’ve had the worst hankering for a Marlboro Red. I think i must be burning some old fat cells with nicotine in them. It happens. The stress adds to it. But the price these days is ridiculous. No, I’ll have to let that go like much else. But I managed a lovely shower, donned my favorite dress from Armstreet just because I can, and walked the fields with the dogs twice, remembering every view, and gathering the last of the peppers from the garden in my apron before the frost comes. I shall miss this life terribly. It was just so…well, it was what I always wanted but it is time to move on. Still, I say goodbye to every tree, measure every step and touch the gnarled posts in passing. I will leave myself here in bits and pieces, haunting the perimeter.

Oh, and to my northern friend – there was ice cream. With chunks of real chocolate and crumbled pecans fresh from my own trees. That, after hash browns – oh, lovely potatoes, how I miss you.

Tomorrow…well, there’s lots more packing to do and I can load the truck up for next week’s trip to storage. And the lady said – just clean out the closets and stash your boxes in them. People understand that. And so it shall be – saves me trying to wrestle heavy boxes down a flight of stairs. And now…time to rest. It all starts over again in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Must-See TV…and an Author”

    1. Corner? Maybe. I allow myself the option to falter now and again but the impetus to Move On is there. Which is more than I expected at this point. Love you, sweet lady!!

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