An End of (Some) Things

Well, a lot can happen in a short time. A week ago I was informed that he was “not happy” and a divorce was pending. Yes, it was stunning news. No, I had no idea though a few days prior my suspicions were high. So this blog under this name will have to retire, I guess, or be renamed. Really not sure what my options are…

Conditions are amicable, generally. He chose a terrible time – selling the house, I was starting a job search, he may promote and have to move…but the last one – at least he did it now and not after I’d moved to a new part of the state so there is that. I am pushing hard for calm, and pleasant outlooks. I can fall apart later when I have a house and job. Right?

Add on that my laptop is in for repair (by a sweet friend) so I am forced to use my wee tablet which does at least have a wee keyboard outrigger. Still, it is clumsy and slow going so this will remain brief. If anyone has info on how to best deal with a blog change like this please pass it along…retitle and keep content, all new site, what? I have no clue. Sigh…onward with my packing, though. Another load needs to go to the storage space…

One thought on “An End of (Some) Things”

  1. Keep this one. I like the name and byline. There are a lot of good memories here. Some day, you will want to look back and know that you have them. Hugs!

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