Just Another Title On My List

We have a running joke here about me and my rather diverse knowledge base. I am a data scrounger – I have many interests and have stocked away many a useless fact. (One that surprised me is that my favorite word for it – factoid – means a wrong fact! Had to stop using that term, damn it.) ANYWAY…so when I come up with an answer to something the guys tack on a title – I have many, now. Meteorologist, Numismatist, Epidemiologist, Librarian, etc.

Yesterday I added mechanic – which I actually already owned but, hey – I can re-up my license. The beloved Excursion has been unused for a few months due to a surging issue in the diesel engine. No issue with start, etc. Just an in-motion surging. A bit of research and I had two options – one dealt with a non-start issue and I was holding off on it. No, this one said the ICP – AKA Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor. Now, most things in a diesel engine are under, behind, or otherwise hidden by the turbo. I feared the same for this but it turns out the part in our model year was just under the turbo pipe so just a bit of wrenching had it off. Sadly, someone steered us wrong on the Internet (I KNOW!) and said it was a 1 1/16th deep socket. Nope. 15/16th. So guess which one we didn’t have after buying the other? Thank goodness our elderly neighbor has EVERY tool a man can gather in 80 years. He loaned his socket and it was just a few splices of wire (yes, we replaced the pigtail, too) and inserting the part and there you go.

Now, I had forgotten that it was also giving off a whine at acceleration that would hold pitch then fade – it was not the turbo. Turns out that it was a radiator cap/fluid issue (so far) in that the lack of proper fluid and pressure on the cap allowed the water in the fluid to boil which then had the fan kicking on in an attempt to keep it cool. So the key now is…determine if the lack of pressure/heat caused damage down the line like cracked head gasket damage. Fingers crossed!

Sarge is test driving it now and meeting a friend to pull the codes if any and to test the pressure. I wish I could have joined him but I had to be handy for a rescue ride. Turns out he is getting the car washed, too, which is nice. It was in dire need. I suspect she will ride just fine, now. Lord knows we had the engine overhauled like crazy not long ago. Anyway, all this to say that soon we will sell her. Insert a very sad face. I LOVE that truck. LOVE. But the damned thing can’t be towed, it won’t fit on any UHaul frame, and I won’t take it cross country and risk an Incident if I cannot tow it back. If I had plenty of $ I wouldn’t care. But…I don’t. So…She is my spoiled baby. Time to sell her and use the $ against something new and under warranty that can be trusted cross country and that will fit on a Uhaul tow option as needed. Sigh…the good news is that people want the dang things so we can probably get a good price for it. The interior is still quite good.

I am considering the new Expedition. Nice size, all the new stuff that I have never had, and no worries. Mind you, when I say new I mean a low mileage used one from the last year model because I never pay full price on cars. At this point we don’t have a car payment and I dread adding one. But Sarge says it is time. And I guess it is…

It is also time to sell his motorcycle but he has had no serious bites in his low key advertising. He will start with the more serious advertising shortly, using contacts at Harley Davidson to get the word out. She is a beauty and very low miles with every single nice thing one could want – including the passenger space. IMAG0655

The weather here has been nuts – quite warm and lovely but now gale force winds and a bit of chill. I have no idea how I can put my seedlings in the garden at this point. Assuming that he can even get it tilled in this weather – it is at least dry…would you like to see the plan? Garden_Plan

There you are – the tomatoes will be in containers to ensure consistent watering and maintenance. They might take up too much room, otherwise. I have to get a few trellis-is-is built but there will be time. I just hope to save some cash on the produce bill as that is a main source of grocery expense these days.

Did I mention the 2 deer we were given? Or was it three? Anyway, once again this season was kind and we have a chest freezer stacked with venison. I buy a bit of chicken or fish to offer variety but we eat 90% of our meals with that venison. We gifted our benefactors with about 10 lbs of ground meat as a thank you. It was welcomed as I suspect they don’t bother paying for the service like we do. I could do it all but that is so much work and it turns out to be about $1/lb for processing and shrinkwrapping. AND we got some great sausage out of it which is always nice.

I’ve been sick for two weeks – going into the 3rd – with that nasty sinus crud and terrible cough. I had fever a few early days but then it just settled into this nasty mess. Sarge brought it home but, as usual, recovered fairly quickly from the worst of it though he still has a moderate cough. We have, as it proper, kept from the public and hope we’ve not passed it along. When I did leave the house I was very careful to tell everyone to use their hand cleanser after our interaction.

Artik is growing like a weed – likely 70 lbs now. Time to get her groomed again though thankfully her fur sheds a majority of the dirt she gets into. And does she get into it…she loves to dig but restrains herself to a few smallish holes. She loves to chew but keeps to sticks and toys. So it’s all good. The other night she scared the crap out of me, though. She was in her kennel at bedtime. Sarge was nearly asleep and she was passed out. Just when I was settling in to sleep she let out a perfect wolf howl. PERFECT. Followed by a few hoots. Now, she has NEVER howled. Hardly hoots. It was the strangest thing. She was obviously dreaming. Sarge just stiffened and quietly asked me what the hell that was. I tried to not make a sound as I didn’t want her to wake and get restless. At any rate she is always keeping us amused.

As for the rest of life…well, politics is bizarre and I am a firm Q Anon watcher. A majority of what he has posted has been my opinion for some time. Not that there was anyone willing to do anything about it. But the most striking thing I suspect is coming is a closure of all the Creature From Jekyll Island banks and a return to the gold standard. We have a federal credit union account and I’d advise opening one as I strongly suspect they will be the only banking option for a few months. Sounds nuts, yes. But I am pretty certain it is the ONLY solution. It also points to the really strange market fluctuations as TPTB try to game it and/or save what they can. Anyone who is smart has invested in property or other durable goods. I am comfy on our current status though the fuel supply could be augmented.

So there you have it…nothing much else. Well, I did learn to sew a French seam today and it is lovely. So there is that. Stay alert, stay stocked, and be well.