(Some) Peace In The Kingdom



Once again Sarge is off to the border (“with Delamere” is always appended to that in my mind because I loved Out Of Africa) and I have two large and furry irritants with me. The dogs are usually pretty well behaved but Ranger gets really antsy when his father is gone overnight. He will calm down in another day or so but for now he is just in need of attention and reassurance. Kota is less troublesome – enough treats and she will be fine. Well, except for the fireworks – a couple of her pills will be in order soon so she can sleep through the worst of it. Poor thing…

It has been a peaceful day here – I meant to wake early and get things Done and so I did. With great luck, too, as the trash guys came today! I took the trash down thinking it’d be tomorrow but why not…I may have been the only person who did so. Feeling quite smart, now. Then the weather looked wicked in the distance so I finished trimming the suckers off the trees, put the new pool cleaner up and set the cushions under shelter. Not 15 minutes later all the threatening rain turned into clouds then nothing. Gone. Ah well…

So it was upstairs for a long bike ride and a lovely shower after. A quick lunch and now I have the ice cream maker stirring about for my favorite almond/chocolate/cherry add-ins to the vanilla base. If you use the proper cherries it is divine. Go ahead and order them from Amazon if you cannot find them at your fancy grocer. Sooo well worth it. Even the syrup is perfection. Trying to figure out if I can make jelly with it. I understand they make for a lovely cocktail, too.

It is also the anniversary of the death of my mother so the 4th tends to be a quiet time for me as I remember her. This was one of the last times I knew her in good health. I treated her to a vacation on the gulf coast. We drove from Atlanta to Appalachicola (before it became quite famous) and this was on the steamboat that plied its way along the river and intercoastal waterway. She could not swim and feared the water but the boat made her very happy. Her eyes here are free of the constant pain she knew in her life later…relaxed with the sun and the waves…and the Bartles and James. Yes, she even bought a new suit and got in the gentle waves. She was so happy. It was a terrific time and I shall never forget it. It still makes my heart glad to know we did this before the terrible times came.

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I miss her very much, indeed.

In other news…It was a rather crazy weekend when we really needed a quiet one – my sister’s fridge (which she had inherited from us almost 10 years ago) died. This, on top of her AC going out, was about as bad a timing as it could be. However, we were in the market for a new fridge and had looked at our options recently. We’ve a short wall that prevented me from getting the unit I wanted but its baby brother fit so there you have it. The issue was HD wanted 2+ weeks to get it in stock and delivered. Lowes was at least a week. But the local geeks at Fry’s had it in-stock as well as on the floor so I could put my hands on it and see it. They delivered it Sunday but quite past their timeframe so that we sat and wasted the whole day. I would not have minded if they had just called and told us the change…but people dislike that these days and avoid confrontation via no communication. In the end I just had to toss all my food in there and plan to rearrange things later.

We delivered the old fridge to my sister that evening and installed it, moving the dead unit to her garage. Sarge had a lot of lifting and toting to do with it all so he was exhausted Sunday night when he ought to have been packing for the trip south. Yesterday we were both running errands separately – me to get the new pool vacuum and he to finish up things at the office. I also had the pre-holiday grocery store experience. However, I appeared to have timed it well – it was a bit busy but nothing like the madness that was to come later, I am certain.

Finally home, he rapidly put together his kit and headed south. We’ve no room to complain – he hasn’t had to take the tour of duty like so many others of late. Funeral leave and then someone took his shift so they could visit family there…so we have been very fortunate. Some have gotten divorced over it.

I have never understood the LEO spouse who didn’t “get” the job. Yes, having them gone for 10 days every month or so on top of the sometimes crappy schedule is tough. But that’s the way it is – it isn’t a 9-5 role, every weekend and holiday free. It is the rare weekend off and holidays alone role for the most part. You learn to like yourself and your time alone or you are miserable. And you tend to make the spouse miserable, too. So I try very hard to not complain when the dinner is cold or delayed. Or the holiday quiet. You just keep moving forward and hope they make it back safely once again.

This is why we each do the small things for each other – my ensuring he knows how to make certain meals in case I cannot, his ensuring the home is maintained as well as he can just in case…you do these small things knowing that is for the dire Just In Case scenario. You never say so – no need. It is understood.

So tonight I will sit with the dogs, something loud on the TV to drown out the fireworks around us, and maybe enjoy an adult beverage so I can sleep early and be awake when he gets off shift so I can tell him goodnight. Because that is the life. And it’s all okay.

Here’s hoping everyone is safe and happy…