Keeping Up Appearances

I’ve been trying to keep a handle on everything taking place in our lives – thank goodness for calendaring or we’d be lost. Between Sarge’s classes and edited shift to get his check rides done I have no idea what to pack in his lunch cooler. This morning I fell back asleep after the coffee delivery – forgot that he had a class in Florence – and was rushing like mad to get him a cooler of snacks and a to-go breakfast. I know he’d mentioned it last week but if it doesn’t hit the calendar I can’t keep track.

Now there are doc appointments all over the month because I didn’t want to have anything hitting the July 4th holiday or the end of month wedding anniversary timeframe. It feels rushed which makes me antsy. I am a very methodical, process and plan based person. Anything that changes the plan takes a concerted effort on my part to overcome the anxiety of the change. I can deal with it – I just don’t like to do so. However, if you are married to the law you can throw planning anything right out the window. It hasn’t been that bad in a long time but now and again it rears its changeable head and I have to remind myself that it’s okay. One morning’s rushing around to take care of him is not a big deal. But now I have to regroup and plan my own morning again.

I’d had in mind something like “check email, ride bike, shower, eat, sweep porches, clean bathrooms…” but with the rapid sleep to wake I’ve been in a half-dream state, checking emails and social BS for an hour. I was watching the sprinklers arc their water over the pecan trees and thought that I’d might as well drop in here and post a little something since I’ve trashed my plans.

It was a rather nice weekend, in all. He had to work Saturday (protests) and then drove me Sunday to a favorite small town for a spinning (as in wheel/yarn) class. I had my wheel and some basic skills – and pretty much left with same. I am not certain that this was her forte or her preferred craft. She knew enough but couldn’t present it in a proper manner. But it was time with friends and I’ve met a new one which for a very selective person like myself is always a lovely surprise. I was also gifted by a few things! I receivShuttlesed my ordered shuttles for the loom – handcrafted, they are just divine! And then I had eggs and a “broken” warp presented, too. Eggs_Warp_MatersThe former from the new friend and the latter from an old one who cut it away when it would not tension properly. Can I make it work? Dunno. But I have time to play with it. Those gorgeous tomatoes? From our 90 year old neighbor, bless him.

Sarge sat on a porch, reading a study guide for the next promotion. We decided to stop on the way home to eat – again, forgot the cooler of snacks – only to leave with an as yet unknown bad dose of sauer kraut. Oh…oh my. At least we made it home before the attack began.

We’d gone to see Wonder Woman at the only theatre we visit – Flix Brewhouse – and enjoyed it very much. As we left I was reminded again of why I love Sarge. It threatened rain and then presented it in a heavy sprinkle and then a deluge. He pressed me to remain under cover and fetched the carriage, pulling up to me so that I need not be drenched. Is it a big deal? No. But it does provide a goad – appreciate these things and this man. It matters.

In the Wonder Woman theme the most insane Peloton instructor put on a wig and corset with a crapton of sticky tape and rode her ass off. wonderwomanI adore her though our politics are diametrically opposed. I just love her street-vibe with joy, her bad language with laughter…she reminds me of my youth and no one makes me work as hard on the bike with as little notice of the effort. And her live DJ rides…good Lord. Hilarious, naughty, bouncy fun.

I know Peloton has been getting a lot of media attention lately and that the exponential growth has made some attention to detail lapse but it really is a phenomenal tool for exercise. They are so well suited for the LEO life, too. Silent, you can work out any shift, any time and not interrupt the household. And with the changing metrics of forces – demanding a level of health to (most likely) save on insurance costs and injuries…well, it is hard to not do this for yourself.

And now…the bike beckons if only so that I can eat breakfast soon. I think I’ll make it an easy ride today, brief and kind, so that I can get on with the rest of my morning. Sometimes you just need to be kind to yourself. But not too kind. After all, this flesh isn’t going to carve itself into shape.