April Showers

Can it be I have not posted in a few months? Surely not…well, they’ve been awfully busy…Sarge has been occupied with his relatively new region and staff but it is quite an improvement for him so no complaints. Between the lack of stress and the Peloton he has lost over 30 lbs in about 2 months. The intensive cardiac review he had really put his head in a different place about his health. He knows, now, that he cannot have the sugar habit ever again. With that, I am aided in my own goals…

The meal prep has been a bit challenging but not that bad. More expensive, perhaps, than eating without thought but once you have the produce the rest is nominal. Which is why the garden has GOT to get put in. I am setting a reminder for the fall and next spring to just go ahead and set up seed stations – just get the mix, the containers, the lights, and nevermind waiting on the nurseries. Cheaper in the end, of course.

Just now the hedges are chock full of dewberries in fruit – I make a few trips out each day to beat the birds and random neighbor chickens from getting them all. Nothing like freshly whipped cream dotted with the cold berries. My own berry bushes are holding their own but the weather has been really difficult – a couple hot days with cold mornings, wet days followed by too dry weather. And I have got to get them edged, fabric’d and mulched. Now. But I have been reserving his To Do list for the most critical things…

We have to get the bee hive stand made – he isn’t sure the best option but they arrive on the 12th so there is no more time to think about it. The hive cover is made, though. I do need to get a proper feeder made, though – mason jars I have – just need to punch a few holes and mount it. I admit to some dismay about the whole matter but the hive was a gift so even if the bees fail it will have been my only expense, really.

Sadly, the tractor he inherited from his mother was badly damaged by the shipper – it is a smaller garden tractor but nearly all the shrouds got cracked and the grill just smashed. So he is dealing with the insurance reps to get it repaired and let me tell you – John Deere is very proud of their shrouds. It has, however, delayed nearly everything we wanted to do – shredding pastures, tilling the garden over, taking out stumps…all the tasks that I cannot do without him…and the POS mower that some shyster took us on – that thing is going on a pyre as soon as it is replaced.

I was glad I held off on peach tree trimming as we had a couple very cold nights recently. But I managed to get it done and there are already two wee peaches on the limbs so I feel I have succeeded. There was an ancient tree that I did not trim last year though maybe I ought to have – still, it is done, too, and might do more than put out a jumble of leaves this year.

I suppose I am rambling about the home tasks but they really have taken up all the time. It is that, riding the Peloton, and meal planning/prep. Not much else gets done, frankly. I still have so much to do – painting, getting quotes for siding, detailing vehicles…but it feels like a generous plenty as-is. I have a warp on the loom that I have got to get loaded but it just languishes. Admittedly, we did have an AC failure that halted my progress on that craft room – they have to march through it to access the unit in the attic – so I need to return to it. Just as soon as the bees are safely installed. Priorities!!

Here’s hoping your own spring is keeping you busy as little bees!

P.S. I found these and may have ordered a pair!