The Nose On Your Face

I find it quite odd that people cannot see the Republican (cough, sputter Progressive, cough) candidate for who and what he is. Maybe it is my misbegotten youth but I know a long con when I see one and that is all this has been for him. trump-the-carnival-barkerI think he is astounded that no matter what comes to light, what he says, or what he does the public still adores him. He cannot get fired from the job that he never intended to take! His entire plan is to garner brand recognition in new demographics, begin a new media business, and set up his kids for future political roles (the pinnacle of long cons). His aspirations are transparent, his moves predictable. My only hope is that Texas chooses to walk away for a few years as this internecine battle wages on.

I readily admit that few associates and friends agree with me – a thing that astounds me, frankly. Or they declare it the lesser of two evils as if the man who sat his opposition in the front row of his wedding has a differing set of values. No, he simply does not care what happens as long as his bank account adjusts. He knows the coming years are going to be a fiasco and won’t take that on as his job – no, indeed. He never intends to work that hard for a buck.

We could review his Russian dalliances, of course. He is fully owned and propped up by them. Yesterday’s news about his acquisition of an article that was pure propaganda from an obscure reference, proffered as “news” when he flung the pages about at his rally points to just how “connected” he is. That article should set everyone on their heels, frankly. But no…it will be wrapped  up and tucked away as if it was just a distraction. It was helpful in one way, at least, and that is to show that the Wikileaks material can and has been doctored as needed. Do not believe anything that comes from over that Iron Curtain. They never stopped waging the Cold War, you see. Kids today have no clue about it – how the goal to turn a Republic into a Democracy and thence to a socialistic conclave easily manipulated via puppets was formed and brought to fruition. They’ve never known freedom.

When you add on his disgusting sexual commentary – not only the recent revelation but even the sexualization of his own daughter – and I cannot fathom how anyone can even consider him as a man – he is a deviant, disgusting pig and it does a disservice to pigs to make that association. I am no prude, mind you, but to hear a man essentially declare he can grope any woman at any time regardless of her desire for same was pure evil. I am quite familiar with the alpha male demeanor and tenor – there is a world of difference in admiring a woman’s assets from afar and admiring them held in your hand as she shrinks back in disgusting horror. No real man would say or do such a thing regardless of their power to do so or the lack of retribution for their actions.

I’ve been rather busy taking all those caviling types off my lists on the social pages. I can only shake my head that people who I thought were squared away are shown to be moral relativists. Right is bloody right and wrong is wrong. No excuses.

But then all the evidence is showing that this has been one massive shell game, anyway. You were shown the candidates and thought you would get to choose the best one while in the background there was only one that was chosen and that through mutual agreement. The pea was never under any shell, you rube. Again, maybe just my city girl ways but I know a con when I see one. I suppose the thing that frightens me most is the fervent ardor of a vast number of Americans for precisely what he represents. In short, I do not have enough bullets for that battle. Just damn, people.


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