Is This Thing On?

I let this place languish as I dealt with all the move details and unpacking. And, in truth, it has been easier to be “social” on Twitter. But I am tiring of the drama and facts regarding the ruination to come. So perhaps I will dust off the muse a bit.

I’ve managed to get two pods unpacked and the garage emptied of nearly all boxes – perhaps another 10 await me. And having done most of it on my own I feel rather proud. That was because Sarge had to work almost 20 days without a day off and I didn’t wish to pay another month’s rent on the pod. So you load the hand truck and sweat, climb stairs, and save the heavy stuff for him to move in the evening.

The office/gym needs some attention – nearly everything placed there but not neatly. The guest/craft room also requires work – again, things where they need to be but not organized. Painting is to come now that we agreed on shades. The loom is still in storage but I hope to get that moved this week so that I can better determine how much room I have left. Yes, in addition to knitting and spinning the naughty Christina has lured me into weaving. She acquired this loom and then soon after knew she wanted to upgrade so I bought it from her as a good starter loom. Artisat Loom

There is little time right now, though, for any of it. I spent the morning looking for baby patterns because the sweet godchildren have told us they are expecting! I am so thrilled but trying hard to be quiet and patient about it, knowing well the fragile nature of early pregnancy.

Some may wonder what Sarge makes of all the death and danger of late – in fact, he has been embroiled in so much political turmoil in-office of late that the news has been a daily blow to his aspirations. For the first time he speaks of leaving the career entirely which tells me that things are very bad, indeed. We have agreed that if he needs to go to the border regions for promotion and escape that we shall have to cope with it. He would get an RV for weekly living and then come home on weekends. This being what most do when stationed there. We hope for change in the coming months, to see if roles switch around and allow him to be more comfortable but in the meantime he is trying to hold his tongue and failing spectacularly on occasion. He is truly only happy on his tractor, rebuilt carb and all – quite easy to work on and surely a feeling of success when it started up with zeal after.TractorMan1

The dogs remain very pleased with the locale, aside from the heat. One will not go in the pool (yet) and the other wants in all too often. At least they have refrained from exploring the entire acreage for now. We only recently had the tractor up and running to shred the large portions so it made most of the land rather off limits. Even shredded it is a bit rough. I am hoping he can mow a perimeter for walking so that mean beasties like chiggers don’t assault us. We’ll see about that when the weather turns more pleasant. Too, I worry about snakes – one dog appeared to have been bitten at the crook of the hind leg – a lot of gnawing at it drew my attention and then I saw the “infection” and swelling. I kept a close eye on it over a day, warm compresses applied as often as she would allow. I noted a good reduction of the swelling and she did her part to keep it clean so no vet bill. In the end we were very lucky.

The garden is in – it was a very wet spring so I doubt it would have mattered if we’d put it in sooner. The tomatoes are merely there but I hope for an autumn burst of fruit. Better luck next year. I did trade some cookies for lovely tomatoes with the neighboring elderly gentleman. I say elderly but the man works on riding mowers when he isn’t mowing which is nearly every day! Matter of fact I need to make some blueberry bars as a thank you to the neighbor who trimmed the shrubby growth at the corner of the property for us. It obstructed a view of the road but we hadn’t gotten to it. Kind aid, indeed. Handy that she is an ER nurse. Ahem.

The melons continue to work on their fruit – the drip line really aids in this weather – and the damned okra keeps doing its thing. Our ancient peach tree had a final flush of fruit which is so delicious. They are now ripe if a bit small. Cling stone, they are like cling peaches from a can but warm with the sun. Oh, just amazing. I don’t know that it will have another year in it but there is a youngling sprouted from its roots that I hope will become a new tree that we can properly care for. The pecan trees are loaded…I have some dismay at the rot in a few – the limbs trimmed badly. So we’ll invest in some good sized specimens as future replacements. I hope to have some cherry trees and citrus before long. We were gifted with 5 apple trees which we’ve planted and are doing moderately well. The heat is hard on them as they came from a sheltered and semi-shaded spot. I think they will fare much better with a full season under them. The next major item on our list is a chicken coop. Build the coop and then get the chickens!

In short, I feel quite pleased with our situation as it stands. We’ve acquired a good place to sit out any major issues and are capable of performing the tasks needed to feed ourselves. In no way should it be construed that we are Safe. No one is…but we are pleased with what we’ve done so far and will continue to improve. This puts us on good footing. The local cattle catcher asked if he could park a couple ponies on the back acreage for a month or two, offering to put in electric fence. We’ll see how that works out – the dogs are already infatuated with the horses pastured in the distance. As am I, I must admit. I take the binoculars out often to see them up close.

It’s bucolic, indeed. And so far from the goal we had that we often look at each other and just laugh at our good fortune. A lot of work to come but it is welcomed. Very welcome, indeed.