When life feels tough you often find it gets even more difficult – as if some universal toggle is pushed that starts a chain reaction…

With that stress comes irritation and short fuses. Rather than say what is on your mind, you swallow the vitriol, bury it, and let life move on, assuming that it will all fade. And it does eventually. In the meanwhile…there is music to soothe…

The madness continues in the home buying arena. So much work and no end in sight though there is a deadline looming. Tomorrow I will unpack those hastily boxed belongings and place them where they belong. Next week will bring another pod to load with the rest of the furniture so that it can all follow along like a giant white duckling. I do fret for the poor driver on the small streets but it ought to work out.

The sun hangs in the sky long into the night, now, ruining sleep schedules, and making it hard to surrender the bed in the morning. Harder, now, that one dog must remain behind on the walks, whining in deep anger. Last night I took them both, tired of the battle…Ranger gamely limped along, happy to be included in the much shorter walk. In a month, it will be acreage to roam, instead, and I won’t have to fret about it as much.

We talked briefly over Easter with others, their scoffing at surgery for the dog making me wonder if I am the one with a diverging opinion. Am I wrong? If we didn’t have it or could not pay, it would be an easy – easier – decision. But I don’t know…2 house payments, he says, and I suppose it is possible we can keep him medicated, he is in his older years…maybe if he remains on low activity, he will heal a bit more and return to his former self, albeit a slower version. Did I mention it before? He seems to have torn his cruciate ligament though I am not certain it is fully torn…so we’ll try the meds and rest to see if he regains any better use. Thus far, he hasn’t understood the concept of rest. What a jerk he can be at walk time, angry at his brief go around the house while I take Kota on the usual route. The other morning he forced his way by me, refusing to stay home. What an irritating dictator he can be…

Did I mention Kota’s cat comes along now and then? I wonder what she will make of the new terrain. She is so damn smart…


Nothing has gone quite right this week and I feel terrible for Sarge. He is trying so hard to bear up…but then I read the tale here and know it really hasn’t been that awful. We were able to meet the owners at the inspection (which caught only a very few issues) and got along quite well. So many little things that we might not know until weeks afterward…we’ve many dreams in our minds but I imagine a number of them won’t come to fruition until autumn – which is fine! Plenty of time…What I cannot wait for is the view…forgive the bad stitch – I ought to have done a panorama while there.


The neighbors are closer than it appears but in no way too close. It will be lovely to have the peace…the relative peace since it appears one of them has a donkey. I do hope they aren’t early risers…well, soon I will know. Just 3 more weeks…which is hardly time enough to do anything that needs done. But it will happen. I just need to stock up on easy to microwave foods for the last week so I can pack the rest of the kitchen. At least I had a volunteer to line my shelves in the kitchen already so I will have aid with that. YAY!! It is such a big job!! And vital to the critical unpacking when you’ve a man who enjoys your cooking. Soon…



2 thoughts on “Underground”

  1. Thank you!! It is all going to be fine, eventually…saw you had your own fun helping a friend move. We happen to also have two dogs…just kidding!

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