Lost and Found

The problem with throwing everything in a box to clear the decks is that the boxes are mysteries and even their locations unknown. Today, however, was a success early: Supplies1

Sarge is a big fan of those bars for breakfast and I am a big fan of that chocolate for sanity. Once found, I gave up the fight for the day.

It was a crazy night…Kota has been enjoying this brief last frost of the year, preferring to sleep outside but wanting to be with us until 2am. This time she woke me just in time to alert on the “sleeping” pork butt in the BGE. Sarge put it on about 7p (a 10lb butt, give or take) and right before bedtime, we gave it the final anointing with a diluted boiled cider mixture. When I took Kota out, I was tempted to remove the beast without waking Sarge but the risk of dropping the monster was too great. So in I went and roused him. I think that could be a sign of real love – that you will each wake to get the pork off the grill at 3am, taste it with love and lusciousness, then snuggle back in bed after lovingly resting it in the cooler.

Poor Ranger has a decent limp, now, and I know it is going to be a hip/spine thing so if I can manage it, I’ll get Sarge to help take him to the vet – we usually use A&M but that is rather far. May have to research a closer option. He still gives it a good try but the walks are shorter these last few times as a kindness to him. Life has been so chaotic that we haven’t given it the best attention and now it is time…good news or bad, we need to know.

But…speaking of good news…it looks like the new house will be ours. Some dickering this morning led to a final acceptance of terms. Want a peek? HouseAerial1

The pool is truly vestigial but just right for taking a dip and definitely fits the “water supply” checkbox. So…there you have it. In a month or so we shall be ensconced in the new locale. Frightening reality, there. Which reminds me I need to find a pool boy. Damned thing has enough equipment to go to the moon. One of those UV filter things instead of chlorine/saline. Small enough to make it workable, I think, but I’d still prefer some time to get the hang of it so best, probably, to have some help for the first quarter. If only it had a hot tub…

I wish I knew what to expect. I am a Planner – with redundancy. So all of this Uncertainty and Waiting To Know kills me. Guess I can just keep on unboxing and reboxing – with labels this time – to satisfy that need. Goodness knows I’ve enough of that to do! Poor Sarge…all of this and work is a political nightmare just now. Ah, well. We’ll just see what happens! Meanwhile, let the gardening dreams begin!

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