Endings and Beginnings

It has been a trying month, indeed, full of sickness and worry. But it is working out and soon we hope to have something akin to our dreams…acreage. Sarge has carried much of the burden.We have been looking for some time for something suitable – not too large as we haven’t time to manage it but enough to farm and perhaps even raise a beef for the freezer. Our demands were rather small, I think – no huge master with fancy bath as we don’t care about that sort of thing. But we wanted a good outside entertaining and cooking area. And water…if not a creek or pond, something…so we hunted and waited in a very tight market.

We had to sell first which makes for a complicated process. Sarge decided to price the house very competitively as our goal was to move, not to necessarily profit. Then came the packing…I had a great deal packed in advance – I don’t mind it, enjoying the planning, the wrapping, the labeling…and we went with a Pod so that I could move things at leisure while he worked. I started on the library first which filled the entire rear wall of the pod. Then it was onto the mundane – things you can live without for however long it takes. And that was the issue – how long would it take? We had no idea…

We rented a temperature controlled storage space for things that needed proper care as the pod is not stored that way. It was a great idea and worked so well we may just get a smaller space on a more permanent basis for a time after offloading some of its contents. And then came the final packing – all the mess of daily life on tables and kitchen islands…but a more frantic packing without labels, without care, because I thought the boxes would remain in their given rooms so that they could be rummaged through as needed. However, the agents came by and within two hours every box, knickknack, countertop item was Gone. Furniture was edited, moved, or hidden. The house was bare and full of echoes.

I was quite sick – had been for three weeks with a chest/sinus infection that would not surrender. I tried so hard to keep up and move things, direct them as to places to hide things but in the end they spun around me like a tornado. I was so frustrated, so tired, and I had asked them weeks before if I ought to have it staged to avoid just this sort of thing. And then came the showings, the dogs forced to go on several “walks” a day until I finally just put a chair in the neighbor’s yard and gave them bones to stay busy with…a dozen showings in just a couple days, I was hard pressed to keep the visits timed right. But in the end it was the right thing to do. I do daresay…because within 72 hours, this was dangling off the sign:


Can you even imagine? I assumed it would be a month…that we’d get maybe a bit more than asking price…Suffice to say we are pleased, indeed. We looked at a few other properties this weekend…but they were too large, really. So the one we had originally wanted seems to be our final selection.

And now…time to, as my good friend said, hurry up and wait. It will be a month to close on ours and then a quick shuffle of the remaining possessions into another pod so we can move on our closing. I really cannot wait to move…I cannot believe someone finds this place appealing, frankly. But I suppose with kids it might be…I suppose someone might have said the same about our future home. So, life is changing and full of crazy deadlines but I think it will work out. Patience and perseverance…and maybe just a bit of luck!

2 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings”

  1. So very impressed with your work ethic and determination, despite feeling like absolute crap! Kudos to you, my darling friend!! Looking forward to celebrating with you in the new place! Hugs!

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