Getting On With It

As we all have experienced, the glances at the horizon are more frequent and with more concern. So I have been all about the Acquisitions lately. Canned food restocked, special additions to the kapow family, little things here and there to make life just a little bit better should things take A Turn. One of my really pleasant changes was to my EDC…

I usually run with a LA Police Gear Bail Out bag because it holds EVERYTHING and is organized like a mofo while being the toughest $20 bag you will own. (Don’t forget the excellent velcro’d and well hidden pocket behind the wee pouch section!) But it is also a bit tacticool and attention-getting so I decided to give the new CountyComm Bac-Sac by Maratac a try. I do fear the lining will not survive very long – they really could have gone with something a bit tougher but I’ve only had it for a day so I cannot give a qualified opinion on that – just at a glance it seems…fragile.

The zipped pockets are excellent though a bit small at the openings – my hand fits in but a manly mitt may not. I am not usually a fan of the bucket-style bags where everything just gets dumped in there. I will get some organizing bags/boxes and try to make it more – well, organized. I LOVE the 4 D rings at the top of the bag – I’ve hooked more more necessary items to them so they remain at the top of the bag. You could also grimlock or carabiner the rings to offer more secure dangling to your delicates. As for the carry option – thinking about this one…just doesn’t look like they have my size. I may have to mock up something akin to that.

I love the tough fabric exterior on the bottom – I do not think anything will poke through from the inside or the outside. It gives a small amount of shape to the bucket, too. I do worry about the sliding closure on the rope closure – one, you don’t get the bag exactly cinched tight – too much fabric being pinched at a single point to get it slammed shut. I just figure over time the rope will get worn and the sliding closure won’t sit tight – though it does have a screw you can tighten. I am betting most people will replace that rope with something more suitable. I could easily see a proper climbing rope being put to use in that way…

At any rate, it is far more collegiate in style and shape, removing the obvious Gun Here signs that the other bag denotes. Usually, I don’t care about that – I know some people get all up in arms (heh heh) about the “shoot me first” appearances of attire and gear. I am not as concerned about that as I am about access to weapons. But in this growing threat environment I am rethinking that stance. I am not able to see every threat like a professional so I hope to use my “tame old lady” appearance as a subtle time buying tool. Maybe that sounds stupid. But I figure if I cultivate that appearance I might just get a chance to move out of harms way.

In other news…seems that Sarge has been appreciating my stance on Get It Now, Get It While You Can. He has performed his own stocking up which makes me very happy. He has also taken care of the house loan preapproval process so that we have a good idea of what we can afford – which is surprisingly generous. So I’ve edited the house search a bit…I don’t want to be forced to sell before buying though I am betting that is the case. I don’t know what we’d do – likely lease a furnished apartment for a few months while storing some other things elsewhere. But I have a Pod on the way to enable me to load a majority of our things in it and get it out of here while we stage the house for sale. Spring is a good time for it – school is out and people don’t mind moving. But the prices may not hold…kind of hard to be selling in a sellers market and also buying in a sellers market. And it could all go to hell at any time. But I’ve found a number of interesting places…just need to decide if we’re staying in this region or not.

Oh – before I forget – there have been a lot of great posts over at Zed’s place. From a link discussing Your Prepping Style to The Library (which is such a great gift to everyone) to temporary comms – something that I need to look at. Do not ignore the comments in that post as holy hell, there are some good tips. I wish I had more time for everyone’s blogs but at this point I have about 3 that I hit regularly and then scattershot the rest as time permits. I have hopes that in 6 months I can have more time to do what I like vs. just getting things crossed off my long list.

Another thing we managed was to get the Beast to the mechanic. Lord love her, she was running with only 2 of 8 glow plugs working and half the injectors if I remember right. Hilarious, really, that she still chugged along bravely with what was essentially a diesel gut shot. Our shop took good care of her, getting her back on track and fixing a few other minor issues at the same time. Ah, she runs so well, now! Which reminds me that I need to get with our friend about getting a fuel storage refresh since the price is so low…another task to add to the list…

The best thing recently was watching our nephew graduate from USAF Basic. He was an honor grad so he already has a coin and a ribbon. I know, I know – so did 60 0ther guys. But he worked very hard to do it all right. He also came out so damn in shape that I could not help but admire that waistline. Good Lord! Maybe a 34 inch? More like 32. Sarge said he looked much the same a long while back. Sigh…at any rate, we’re so damned proud. It isn’t what he’d hoped at the start of the plan but it is the right place for him – Loadmaster school pending. He will get to learn all about Big Blue before moving into its depths. And he is still so very young…lots and lots of time ahead to do those fun jobs. I envy them these experiences! So young and with all of life ahead…a part of me wishes I’d made other decisions in my youth. But then all of this, now, would not be mine. So…it is all for the best. I feel pretty confident about that.

Now, if I could just get Sarge to take us to some snow…

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