Merry And Bright

I cannot complain of the holiday. I was gifted beyond any sort of reasonableness and had so many delicious treats from friends that I have been forced to freeze a few batches.

Sarge received many grilling tools and accoutrement for the Egg. And the one item that he really has enjoyed – the Fitbit Surge. Another big dollar item, it was an impetus to get him back on track, so to speak. And having seen it I am tempted to have one of my own. In truth, it works! He has been quite diligent and I hope to see it pay off in short order.

As for me, a fine young man spent much of the month at his forge, making his gifts. I was greeted with the most amazing tool – a J Hook for beekeeping – one uses the hook to lift a bar/frame heavy with comb and honey free from its main body and the round, beveled end a handy design to scrape bee mess from the hive. Once it meets a test run, and my approval he will blacken it up again and put the beeswax on it to protect the metal. Can you even believe it?! What an amazing gift!! (And yes, the little twist in it gives me deep delight.)


I was also gifted a few other bee things! Essentially all the goods one needs to manage a hive aside from the coveralls which I shall order presently. The smoker was just gorgeous and the gloves just right. There is new construction down the street with leftover bricks (actually large stones) and I may just try to translate the request into the vernacular and get the approval of whichever artiste of home building is on-site. As it turns out, a good friend was also gifted with the same hive and gear so I alerted him to the stone – perhaps he can get the okay for the both of us – it would make the perfect ground for the hive – one wants no grass or muck underneath to deal with. And there is a woodworker down the street who may be able to build the roof it needs as well as the proper legs. I am terribly eager to start and terrified at the first brood.

Had a heck of a time today with one of the critters – she decided to pester me the entire day which means there is something off – she is quite smart and usually calm. At any rate, her time outside was brief and, when I went to retrieve her, she pulled out this new trick. K_Not_Coming_In

Mind you, if it had been over 50 degrees I might have played along. But it was brisk and she could get her butt back in. This, after dealing with the other monster finding a deer leg and thinking it just the thing to bite and roll around in – and it was not fresh. Usually obedient, something in his brain kicked over and he was not having any part of my denial of this pleasure. He would drop it but then snatch it as I neared and run off with it dangling from his maw. Over and over until the gravel hit my voice and doom, too. Yes, seriously, drop it and halt. I stood on the nasty thing and leashed him up, taking him away from it. When we were far enough away I let him off leash again – he ran off as though indicating he could no longer bear to live with me. He slowed a few yards away but I got the message. All the way home he was snotty about it…lingering looks back, a snorting toss of his head against the collar.

Today I spent much of the afternoon with the seed catalog, remembering when I spent rather a lot of time in creating a space…I don’t dare to dig up the photos of the rose garden and gazebo or the falls with a weeping evergreen over it…no, suffice to say the damned thing was amazing. Oh, the Japanese maples are there…wahhh!!! 028_28

Since we’re looking for a new place (Yes, yes, 4 acres or more and little care for the house as long as it is Away from people) I am not sure if I ought to get started here or not. But there is a month yet. And then the peas simply must go in! If you’ve never had fresh peas you cannot understand the urgency.

Well, Sarge is asleep already and I ought to be but lately my schedule has been quite lazy. Retirement has been good for me, I think. So much more calm and kind. But a restlessness is sprouting and I think gardening is the answer! Doesn’t hurt that you can eat what you make, no? And I’ll take that aid to the budget, thank you. I hope that the holiday brought you peace if not pleasure and plunder. I am not a Christmas gal, in truth – no decorating or goo gaws. But I do love the carols…

L Xmas w Doll

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