He Earned It

The other day we were shopping for s basic flat screen TV for our goddaughter…nothing fancy but something she can use to waste time as she waits for word on her beloved (in USAF basic just now). I was looking for options and thought I was speaking to my husband only to find that I was talking to myself – he was missing.

Well, he was actually just snared in the glowing trap of the modern machine. We spoke and decided that maybe we could upgrade our older TV and give that to her…a concept that he liked. And so we walked out with this. Over the top? Yep. Ridiculous purchase? Yep. Something we both enjoy? Yep. And, as the title says – he earned it. For the months of enduring my bad moods, unimaginative menu, and general ill will…

In truth, I figure it is time to get what one wants while the cash has some value. Next up, I hope, is a new place to live. Right now the prices are pretty stupid. Texas real estate is being bought up by Cali runaways with tons of cash to spend. Eventually, they will come to an end and the prices will be reasonable. Too, it depends on if Sarge changes locale.

There has been a lot of hooey going on in that department and it has been a strain but he is managing it like a gentleman, doing the job with as much honor as he can. He has a great plan in the works, though, and we’ll see how that works out. At any rate, you have to live within 30 air miles of the role so that really limits options in this part of the world.

I have found my days quite full without work! Plenty of time for the basic errands, that forgotten grocery item…and the shopping for the holiday without the weekend crowds. I’ve also fought with the dog over her skin irritation…finally resorted to a bath and cortisone-like ointment along with a major diet change to rice and salmon. She didn’t mind the menu. The bath, on the other hand…well, at least it has worked! Her fur is coming back in nicely.

It’s a strange thing, this life of slow pace and quiet pleasures…now, if I could just get a few more of these big chores completed…


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