…and the creek don’t rise…

This is a post I started a month ago and never quite finished…but it is an easy throw for now…something to keep this place looking lived in.

There was a decent warning of the rains but the prediction was for this evening. I was thankful to get the early morning text from my brother, warning of tornadic activity south of us. I knew the dog walk was critical so I rushed to dress and saw the rain pouring down. The Marmot rain suit came back out of the winter storage – I love the full leg zippers for easy on/off over boots.

And the boots – my husband indicated that there was a milspec option for galoshes so we hunted a few pairs down at the local Army/Navy type place. They appear to be an older style of chem overboot but you get the idea. You pull them on over your shoes/boots and stomp out the door. Utterly waterproof, mudproof, and I suppose somewhat snake-proof if you were quick and careful.


They have been one of the best purchases ever! I’ve been able to tromp out in the early morning without getting irritated nor ruining my good boots. Today they were particularly handy.

I could see that I was not going to get the dogs to their usual pasture – a verdant, hilly acre that flows into a “bottoms” area with pecan trees and wild weeds – was not going to happen. So it was a quick spin around the park, home just as the lightning approached. A bit later in the morning when the major cells passed I took a quick peek outside. Well…it was quite changed.


You can see the amount of rain that was flowing into the area. Those pecan tree branches are about 6-8 feet off the ground. It took perhaps 3 hours to fill. I revisited it for the evening walk and the water had already subsided except for the far end of that photo. I suspect this was due to the rather dry summer – the water had a place to go.  Amusingly, there was a tideline of the skins of the Chinese Lantern plants that were wild tangles under that water…the tangles are now trod down so that you can see the terrain they were hiding.Chinese_Lantern

I will have to take the time to upload the most amazing video I took the other day…this place – this small piece of land – has given me many delights this year. The small things matter more, now. This quiet before the storm. I try to take time to appreciate it. It may not be as easy in the future. Oh, gloom and doom, I know. But I prefer to be a pessimist and unsurprised. Always have been…which is why I married an optimist. One of the best decisions I ever made.


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