I would apologize for the lack of updates but life has been so damned busy that this place was not top of mind – at all. But perhaps now that can change.

I have officially left my employer. You could call it Retirement except that I expect to stay quite busy. I’ve many classes I wish to take at the community college (can you say Welding?) as well as a garden to put in for overwintering and planning for spring. And the cleaning…dear me, the house has got to be put to rights and it will take me months. But now I will have the time.

I woke this morning and dressed to walk the dogs, unrushed…we strode across the frosted terrain, breath clouding the air…and home again I took off the gear. For a moment, just a second, I thought, “Need to hurry up and get logged in…” and then a startled instant of recognition that the albatross of 15 years was gone. Over. Done.

I smiled and went to the kitchen to feed the dogs and make some fresh squeezed juice for the two of us…I packed his lunch, poured his coffee…and none of it with that frantic irritation of the past. I was making mental notes of things that need to be cleaned up as my eyes passed over them. And I tried to decide what I wanted to do on this first day of freedom. I have worked full time since I was 16. Aside from taking a year off during trial and travail in my 30’s, I have always had a job – and, frankly, only two employers. I do not know how to not work…but I’m going to my best to learn!

Over the last month (I was supposed to leave November 3rd) I have taken Bee Classmany vacation days, letting go incrementally. I even took a bee keeping class which was AMAZING.

Recently, I celebrated my birthday and received the very kind gift of a top bar hive! I was in tears at the kindness. So I will also be arranging an area near the back of the yard with some rock to allow the mowers to skirt past it. I admit it is tempting to put it at a friend’s property where there is much more terrain. But it is a small hive and it might be fine. It is much less intensive than the usual boxy type. Frankly, it is late to be ordering a hive, anyway, for spring. I may just make it a nice, tempting home and see if a swarm will decide to live there. In spring they tend to do that – sort of split off and head out. We’ll see.

Which leaves me with today’s task – an inventory of the freezer, rearranging of same, and making room for the venison I have to pick up later today. There may not be enough room, frankly! Which means it may just be time to get that mondo fridge I am dreaming of…(insert angelic singing).

I found this gal’s printable for organizing to be very complete as well as helpful to forecast budgets. Her goal setting intentional life offering is also quite nice. Admittedly, it may be a bit “girly”, but I found both helpful. I know that most people prefer spreadsheets and electronic versions but I am a visual person – I like to see things on calendars, lists, and have them in-hand. Maybe one day I will get the full Adobe, and turn them into editable formats but for now I really do like taking time with the binders and starting this new, better planned life.

I really ought to note how kind it has been of Sarge to support me in this change to our lives. He has been an amazing support as my stress mounted. When I finally made the decision he was happy for me, willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. This has always reminded me of him…from minute 3…such a honorable man. I do not deserve him.




2 thoughts on “Transitioning”

  1. Thank you!! It was such a hard decision – right up until the time when it was the only sane thing to do. I know it may seem madness to let go good money but…it was time.

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