Short Ride

I woke – late – to find the morning wind cool and fresh. I’d chosen the Atwood palm leaf cowboy hat for the shade only to find it a bit tough to retain. The dogs and I walked and enjoyed the sudden change of weather when I noticed my shadow, leashes shaped like a lasso.Make_BelieveIt was make-believe. No rancher, no hand, but a shadow of one, perhaps. An echo on the land of hands long since gone to dust, of air longing to feel that rope whistling through in an unending arc…

The night before we walked together and I was lucky to have gone along, it being a sky for the ages. At first, it was just golden light in a robin’s egg blue sky. But then the sun fell, letting the high clouds catch the last of the light.



Sept_Sunset5As we returned home those shades mixed, the eastern pink with the western blue, creating a shade that must be the color of heaven’s waiting room. And I would have missed it.

This morning, we enjoyed coffee on the porch and talked about the few errands to be made. We took the motorcycle while the weather was cool, winding our way lazily around the back roads. The recent storms brought the white rain lilies to life, their blossoms on high stems. so that wide fields were covered in an elevated, waving, blanket of snow.

It was a day off as it ought to be – spent doing things that please rather than just what life demands. And later my dear friend sent a link to this article and the views made me remember how I used to leave every year to walk into those snowy ridges. Maybe this winter we’ll try to do it together. It would be a lovely view.

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