The Future In A Moment

It was a lovely (if very warm) evening as two families gathered to see two young people choose each other. The favors were silk fans, suitable to the weather and a welcome addition to the event. The younger ladies were learning how to snap them open like Geisha, coquettish without knowing why or even what it means. But such is the power of time and memory.

In truth, I am glad there were very few photos of me – I’d chosen an unflattering outfit, had no time to dress my hair properly, and was an orchestrator, rushing around so I look as bedraggled as I felt. Bless the photographer for that mercy. I do not think she would mind my offering a few draft photos here. There is a “thing” that is done, now – the first look photo in which the couple sees each other in private before the ceremony to have that time together that is shared with no one. And this was one of the photos from that time. The chapel is a lovely one – it is where we wed – and it was perfect for the simple ceremony.


She wore the pearls I brought just in case…a bride never remembers everything and I thought if her parents did not have something of the family to offer that they might just do. And so they did….and my heart was so touched when I saw them. In deference to his family she also wore the tiny oak leaf hairpins I’d bought – again, just in case. It was a lovely gesture that I hope they noted. The chapel has a lovely bell tower and once wed, the couple enters the small vestibule and together they ring into life their future.


There is a kind of post-wedding melancholy, though, in which all that needed your aid is over and they are off to do those things that need cared for as a new couple. You remember how it once was when you married, and you look around at your life so rote and set into pattern…I think this is why we are so entranced with young love – it is a reminder of what we once felt, the heart pounding delight in every glance and the promise each day brought.

There was a text message the other morning after they returned from a brief honeymoon – a sky dive together, it would seem, and a note to tell everyone that it was the best experience together so far and they yet lived. Goodness…fearless.

So I try to remind myself as the same dishes sit in the same sink, the same laundry in the same pile, waiting, that there is more to it all than just the rote days passing. There really ought to be more.

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