Did I Mention…

…the Wasp Incident? Well, short version is I reached up into here (imagine it fully enclosed with entry from the bottom) and they defended the nest therein. The pain was like fire. Spikey needle-like fire. Thankfully, the swelling was moderate and I could type after a few days. Gate

Today, I tasked Sarge with a repair that is not covered anywhere. These are a kind of bumper for the frame and, as you can see, their originals were literally gone. Worn away, or eaten away by chemicals, I don’t know. But I wonder how the ride will be now that they are replaced. Hopefully a bit less rocky. Yes, she still has an Issue – a mysterious one – but that will have to wait a few weeks. I hope. Pictures7

He is outside (yes, in the heat of the day) sanding a recent acquisition – it is a butcher table from this place though they no longer offer it. Who knows what it once cost…we got it for the price of a medium board. Ahem. Win win! But I have to keep up with his hydration – he gets set on a mission and does not stop.

Now, time to get the chicken enchiladas with green sauce ready – he’ll be hungry soon. Then…perhaps I will try on the outfits for the coming wedding of our Godson. One week away and I feel so unprepared. But I have taken time off – ought to have enough time to do all those urgent runaround tasks the bride might need – they both have to work right up to the day before, poor things. Then, in a few weeks, he gets to try his PASTest again. He has a couple more attempts and then a decision on alternative career to make…pressure like hell but he has a great attitude.

So…lots going on. But hopefully they will settle in a few days and we can look to the next thing – moving. Yes, we’re going to get our own bit of land. Have you heard of a Barndo? Giving it some consideration…imagine working on the car in air conditioned comfort…ahhh….now, if we could just get a taste of autumn…

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