Summer Breeze

Sarge is back in his homeland, visiting his mom who had an unexpected surgery Tuesday – and yes, is home today. Tough, tough Cherokee…so I’ve been dealing with the administrivia. However, it has been a rather hefty amount thereof…

The SUV is currently dry docked with a wicked vibration. Took quite a whack in a “dip” one evening a month ago and it hasn’t improved. We suspect belts in one or two tires are to blame and we were going to get new shoes anyway so…we’ll see. But that put me in the other truck and it is…well, it sat a long time with its own issues (wicked pull to the right) so it had to get a full tune-up and then, as I found out today, bearings and seals on both sides with a boogered pitman arm on the right side. Didn’t surprise me though the cost…man, I could have done the bearings and seals myself. But Sarge being gone and my needing a vehicle made it an imperative. Never mind that the thing has no AC at this time – a compressor being another expense we’d prefer to forego while getting the other vehicle up…so the drive to work will have me arrive with a tousled, sweaty appearance. YAY!

I am glad we had the cash to do it…it might have happened at a less opportune time. And, in truth, I’d rather spend it now while it has some value. We are tempted to sell the truck for whatever cash it will bring and get something newer that can be relied on for long trips but can be towed. The SUV has that one downside: it will not fit anything you can rent. I do not want a car payment, though…so I am thinking maybe we just get a cheap truck cap so that the dogs can fit in the back and we put the Thule on the roof…gas isn’t as cheap as diesel for those long rides but we’d save a car payment from the budget. And then I think about how the cable bill is very near a car payment and if we ditch it for internet only we could manage just fine. We use the Roku for 90% of our viewing anyway. And so runs my mind…

I went outside for the breeze and to let the dogs run wild for a few minutes and managed to get bit by ants about 5 times on one foot. Or one ant was very angry. Regardless, I guess it is time to get out the chemicals and start taking out some of those bastards. The weather has been, for Texas, exceedingly mild till now. The calendar is flying by…I am already thinking about a winter trip to crunch some snow…

I have the `70’s channel on the Pandora and it is bringing back so many things forgotten – just snippets dredged up by the songs. I spent a few of those years on a beach, watching the moon rise and sink. And, yes, maybe stealing a kiss under the pier.


Those years hold a lot of magic for me. I recall a moon rising so large and red that I felt as though I’d fall off the earth in its pull. But I was a moon shot girl – I knew the science behind it. I’d even mocked up a cardboard control panel that I hid away. I was a very private child with only my brother for company, usually. But I always looked to the sky…I have often felt that I had an old pilot’s soul inside…an affection for the old songs, a yearning to touch any flight surface…and my head turned to the sound of an engine on high.

It was an all too brief idyll, though. Soon it was back to the hellish environs of the big city and I suppose a part of the rebellion to come was an answer to the loss of the peace and tides. I drowned in that place for a long time. I still hear the trains clicking, sometimes, and I have promised myself to never go back.


I was blessed to have a brief interlude in Colorado and it forever changed my internal map. I never forgot those mountains and managed to return to them again years later. It is the only place where I truly let go of the burdens and breathe easy. So different from that youth of filthy and tired buildings. I had no idea such places existed. After all, we rarely even went downtown or to the lake back then…town was for money. We went on Thanksgiving eve to see the window displays. More than that my mother could not manage. But this…this was a gift I gave myself back when I would bravely travel alone…


I was more fearless, flying to a strange place, renting a car, mapping out the destination and taking unknown roads in snowy weather. I can hardly believe it, now…now, when I have to map a route to a shop in town because my world has grown small. Would I dare again to put those snow shoes on and climb in that rich but thin air? Someday I would like to be made soil there…ashes on that clean wind to sink into that clean snow…and here, to become one with those creases and valleys.


And maybe just a bit left on a beach with the light of a full moon reaching across high tide wavelets…going home.

Gone So Long

I had no idea I’d let this place languish so long…I would think of things to write about but then it would be brushed aside with the nonsense of the day. Life has been very busy lately and my concerns centered around others so this place was given a low priority.

A dear friend had her skull cracked open (yes, on purpose, by a professional) – with her usual amazing abilities, her recovery was astoundingly fast and complete. It was difficult to keep her still and quiet as ordered but over time she realized the importance of rest and surrendered.

There have been lots of things going on for Sarge, too…training, internal promotions, events, and Dear God the legislature was in session for months and we’d forgotten the impact it has on the schedule…but a lot of good things, too.


Yes, Abbott has given Texas the Open Carry option which is a blessing in the hot summer – can I tell you how hot it gets in a cover shirt?! Or how unattractive that garb is for women? Phew! Yes, yes – we don’t think that it is wise to let people know “the first person to shoot” but having the OPTION is what is vital to me. While we already had the okey dokey on accidental display during concealed carry, it was always a concern. At least I can let all that go, now.

Of course, there is a lot of chatter about his recent decision to repatriate the gold from NY to TX. Can’t blame him at all. He is a very smart man – and a good one, really. I think he knows what is coming and is positioning things accordingly. As am I…a few more acquisitions added though I am fully pissed at Amazon right now and cut back my monthly deliveries. They hired that lying jackass commie, Carney. So I have drastically limited my purchases there.

These guys have arranged a great discount on a slick item…see that first link for the discount code to lower the price of the item to a very reasonable cost – I got a couple of them as gifts. We all have the tools already – the mounting system is merely a handy option for stowage.

I found these slick things and they are my new go-to for alternative funds. Easy to stow…not sure we can afford much of it but something is better than nothing, right? I really like the pre-scored sections…

Also in the works is a wedding…end of August because a certain young man is being pressed by the USAF to get in the game already, pushing it from an October timeframe to September. His path is one that is hard to fill so I think they find him a great candidate and want to get him in the pipeline ASAP. But that meant moving all other plans ahead because anyone who has dealt with military paperwork knows that getting it done from the start is far better than adding changes (like a spouse) later. So the hunt for a dress began – and amusingly the right one was the first one she tried on…she wanted to be frugal and tried on so many but none of them worked as well nor made her do the cha-cha dance. But it will require rather a lot of editing which is not included in the price and one wonders if they size you in dresses that force more editing…but it is only money!

She is a very sweet girl whose parents have been very…hands off. I don’t want to say they don’t care but they won’t help. So we’ve taken her under our wing these last few years and she is the daughter of our hearts. She is doing so much right now to get things ready – apartment near her job since he will be Gone soon…finding an alteration location…planning the food and décor for the reception and keeping it to a very reasonable price…making their invitations from standard stock with personalization to save a TON of cash…friends, advise your kids to elope. Even when one works hard to keep it all frugal the costs keep rising.

I have been spoiling Sarge lately – I don’t want to say it is a last hurrah but I wanted to acquire certain things while cash had value. One of those things was the best grill ever. And the best charcoal ever was delivered yesterday – yes, I had to bring charcoal to Texas. Worthwhile!


But now I see how one can become a BGE widow…and go broke buying good proteins. I have GOT to clean out the freezer to make room for more meat. And get the fridge of my dreams to hold everything else…someday!

And better than that is a pal has gotten the job to suit his skills after a long wait. He is a smart guy so it was hard to see his skills languish. I take great pleasure in the success of friends – especially when they get to don wings again. It has to be so pleasing!

Lastly, in my never-ending hair pondering…I SO want to do this…maybe not QUITE that bright but a silver to grey to slate to midnight blue ombre, maybe? No? Ah…grey_ombre

Mermaid_Hair…it is a silly thing and especially with wedding hair needed soon. I have to be very careful with it and the fingernails. Beauty is a royal beotch. OH! But allow me to note for the ladies – this is some amazing makeup! If you like that Agent Carter lip color, that’s the place! Stays put nicely for some time…just advise the use of a lip brush for casual application and the lipstick itself for full-on nighttime coverage.

There you have it – a crapton of things going on and the news hardly tolerable anymore. The gears are grinding with pieces flying off and the supervisors are clapping with glee at the sight. So I am just looking at the short term, getting done what I can and thinking that winter will find me getting many things organized from the current chaos to clean, loadable stacks. But that’s just me. I could be wrong.