In Sickness and In Health

Dawn Limbs

I have been consistently and unremittingly unwell for a few months and it has tested just about everything. There was a sinus infection in February that turned into a fevered bronchitis. A strong 5-day pack of antibiotics along with rather a lot of Theraflu saw that to a standoff. The coughing remained for 3 weeks. Sarge then came down with the flu on a Thursday – I nursed him on a Friday, and then to the concierge care Saturday with a bit of a wait to see the doc. He took the Tamiflu and was far better in short order. However, I then caught his flu.

Though I tried to muddle through, I missed a week of work and do not recall a wide swath of time from Wednesday through Friday. That was stewarded through by Sarge and, though I didn’t know it, he took time off from work to care for me. The frightening aspect at the tail end of that week was a stabbing headache that kept me from deep sleep much of those 3 days – but I was in and out of consciousness, a blessing. At night I would try to sleep on the couch to keep the tossing and turning from disturbing his rest. It wouldn’t work and I would move to the guest bed. Perhaps an hour or two of sleep at a time would see me through. It was the strangest pain – every 4th heartbeat a virtual ice pick would go through my temple and across half my forehead. And then no pain until the next series. Advil barely touched it and then not at all.

On Saturday I was able to sit up for a time and he finally pressed me to leave the house. Though my head still ached, I tried. It was as I gasped with the stabbing pain that he turned toward the same concierge care location. The very kind nurse noted some concern about temporal arteritis and, to be honest, it had all the hallmarks thereof. But they sent me off with steroids to hurry and drain the fluid and another 5 day course of antibiotics. I have always been wary of using them so they work well for me when I do resort to them. Still, I lost a lot of weight and only in the last few days cared to eat much of anything.

And now…the congestion tries to return but I am fighting it off. A lot of fluids, patience, and the hope that the rain to come will rinse the pollen away. It instigates things…

But the bluebonnets..oh, they’re lovely this year…perhaps I can grab a shot tomorrow…