Ranger_Xmas_2014 There was a heavy frost on Christmas morning which gave it a bit more of a holiday feel. The dogs loved it, frisking about like puppies.

We stayed in town, meeting with good friends as their adopted family. I had only a few things to make but time flew by after the disemboweling of gifts.

As an aside, this recipe was superb – made a large casserole full and it tastes delicious. It can be made with the superb King Arthur Gluten Free flour and/or Baking Mix. (Both products are great – one just has added leavening for poofing.) Note that the “boiled cider” ingredient was hard to find so I made the liquid component from good apple juice, lemon juice, water and just a small measure of Drambuie. A good apple brandy might have worked but I didn’t have any of that either! Just be sure to use a mix of apples – always Granny Smith as a base but add some Fujis or Honeycrisps or whatever you like.

There were only a few knitted things given – my hands were having issues so I just forced myself to finish the ones I’d started and let it go at that. The first is a kind of toss it on and go to the store item. It is meant to drape but mine was a bit stiff so a pin will probably be added by the recipient. It was a strange pattern but not that hard once the OMG Collar cabling was done. Didn’t get a photo of it so…damn it…will have to remedy that sometime.


This one was darling and quite fast in the small Cabaletta_Pic
size – I finished it just in time but never got a photo but others took one at the gifting so maybe I can get a copy. Again, a proper fastening was difficult to find so I added an easily removed ribbon closure. I was happy with it which is not the norm with my projects.

In other gifty news, Sarge was nearly as happy with his (no longer available) Special Pancake Plates – they have a cant to them and a syrup reservoir so that the pancakes remain unsoggy – as his Lansky Puck. It was essentially a Logging Supply Holiday so he also received a nice Spencer tape. His Chainsaw Mill arrived a month or so ago. The video here shows how it works. I can see that I will have to upgrade it one day…he will need a better chainsaw in the near future, too!

Of course, the Glock 19 made her appearance! I bought a cheap kydex holster for now (the kind that used to come with the Glock)and need to order a Kirkpatrick for it. I really prefer leather for its willingness to mold to my shape over time. I will probably wind up with a kydex something or other as a long-term cover-my-ass carry since leather isn’t forever. But we’ll see. I think that’s about it. Time to hit up ebay for some Filson.

I hope all of you had a pleasant holiday!!

2 thoughts on “Afterglow”

  1. The holster you linked to is virtually an exact copy of the Askins Avenger that I carry my HiPower around in. A popular design that just about every company makes a version of….nice little giftie you got there. I usually eschew the G19 magazines and use strictly G17 mags. Since we have three different sizes of Glock frame around here (17,19,26) we wanna stockpile mags that will fit in all of them. The 19 and 26 mags are too short to fit in the 17, so we use the short mags in the respective guns but all the reloads are the regular G17 mags. I dunno if you have any other Glocks laying around, but my two cents is to resist the urge to go all ‘aftermarket upgrades’ on it. Other than maybe changing the sights, I leave everything stock … less to go wrong that way. Glad you had a good holiday. Dog looks happy.

  2. We may have a few other Tupperwares around. 🙂 The 19 was a commonality decision for – well, you know. But yes – we have to address the designators on the mags to ensure I don’t make stupid mistakes. Right now, mine is segregated and kept together with spare mag. The 1911 needs to go to the shop so this was a daily carry change out for awhile. Dog was happy, indeed. They love the cold.

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