At Home

There was a line in this article that I’ve mulled over and over. “I have a nostalgia for a time I have never experienced.” It suits me so well. (Allow me to add here that I could spend hours looking over the draperies in the study and a day in the hall of etchings…) A friend once told me that I had, in prior lives, had a very opulent Russian experience. I think it more likely French but no matter – suffice to say that I have a deep appreciation for the finer things, gentle manners, and the beauty of a vista all my own.

StourheadI look at something like Stourhead’s Temple of Apollo and a frisson of familiarity runs through me. It is a bit sad that I won’t walk through those views but I had surrendered seeing much of the world long ago. Too late for all that, now. So I hold the fragile glass of port, turn on the less than satisfying “yule log” channel, and think of other views.

I have been working on getting the house organized a bit. I have never been a neat person though I do like things in their place. But it had gotten a bit out of hand so it was time to take the quiet evenings and address the mess. This will be Sarge’s last week away – for now, anyway. And neither of us will be going anywhere for Christmas so I’ve settled for making it a bit more Home-like. I do like how much easier it is to clean when you haven’t a dozen things stacked hither and yon.

There was a bit of an interruption in the pattern, however, as one dog needed surgery. This also made me glad for my year-round shopping routine. Finances having taken a hit, I need not worry. And especially not when I learned of someone’s hoarding in the credit union account for a lovely Glock 19! For me! Och, she’s sweet but I will be good and wait for Santa to deliver it.

I keep looking for small places to acquire – land and a roof and a fireplace – for the time when I shove back against all the Stuff and shrink down to the Necessary. But then there is the homeplace in the south that will one day be his…just so damned close to a major city. Think Walking Dead Season 1. But it is temperate…

This place – it should be enough. I try to make it so…Perhaps if I spend less time in it and more away I could find it more welcoming. This part of the reason to acquire a dog ramp recently. I can take them anywhere, now, without fear of injury leaping in and out of a rather tall vehicle. With luck, we can take a wee hike next weekend and start stretching the legs. It is time to ease my mind again.

Home…it is where Love is. I need to remember that.

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