Wet Dog Blues

What can I tell ya? Not much else to report on these days so I’ll use the dogs as an excuse to pop in here.

The one thing about the somewhat mild Texas winter is that it tends to be wet. Cold, and wet. Which means every dog walk is followed by the dog drying off routine. And it means in the morning that I have to wear the walk clothes and then change into the work clothes. More fun.

The winter also begins the really enjoyable 1am “please wake up so that I may go outside in the lovely chilly weather!” snorting woofle. It is often followed at 4am with the “so sorry but I’d like to come in, now” yip yipooo. It is amusing that she knows to give quiet barks – she is very thoughtful of the neighbors. But it leaves me without a decent night’s rest. No, I do not wake the Sarge, generally, because she won’t go with him. Mother must see her out. Damned fool dog.

Of course, Ranger follows after her if he isn’t too tired. He is getting older so he chooses the opportunities to fit his whim. But he still has it in him to whirl and juke at and around her as we take our daily exercise. His muzzle is white, though, and his eyes a bit dim so he is more sedate than in his mad, mad youth. My goodness, how he used to make me crazy.

Soon, Sarge will be back with them and the towel flinging battle will begin in an effort to remove at least a portion of the drizzle from the deep fur. They both needed a bath but now the weather makes the usual outdoor event unlikely. I’ve tried to get her in the tub before – not gonna happen. She is very averse to being soaked, anyway – one assumes it is a deep genetic imperative: wet = death. So she’ll shake off a rain that sits on the slick top fur but is not happy with a soaking.

Now, snow? Well, that is something else entirely. That is fun. For them. For me – before going to work? Not so much – at least not until I order the proper wet weather footwear. I have a feeling it will be a long, wet winter here…

DSCF2065 DSCF2064

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