Your Choice For Hydration and Selling Titillation

A few weeks ago, my pal over here mentioned a slick hydration option sold here. I have a metric ton of the aluminum bottles so I tend to keep one or two handy when on all-day treks. Now I can keep a big ol’ Nalgene bottle in the car and never wish I’d brought a refill. I also made them the go-to gift for all those impossible to buy for folks – you know the kind – they’ve had every slick tool and toy since they had a job to pay for them. They come from Israel so it took a week or so to arrive but they did and in find shape.

Water_SourceBut because of that I would definitely order as much as you can in one go to save on the shipping. It wasn’t that bad, really.

And, yes, I added a few cleaning tools – never let that sort of gear get nasty – far too difficult to clean it if you let it get outta hand.

In other news…

I asked a good pal of mine to model a fine bit of gear in order to put it on ebay – it is a Vollers black patent leather corset that once fit quite…nicely. But it is time for it to make someone else very happy. If you happen to know a someone that would like it, sing out. It fit a 36 DD size 10/12 at the time…I don’t think they even offer it in the patent leather anymore. At any rate, about $375 new, hardly worn, and with garters that can attach or no, depending on the need. In truth, I think the 36DD was just a bit much for the size – no one complained, mind you, but a D cup will probably be just as happy ensconced therein. They are asking $435 US for it – I shall be rather more reasonable. Also – I will consider a trade for ammo/gear.

Front3 Back2

I think that was all I wanted to cover…I always think of things to discuss with you, dear friends, but then life interferes and I forget. The broken tibia gets another look-see tomorrow and I am hoping the word is all good. I had to fight to work from home these last few weeks though there was no interruption in service. I could not manage the crutches though I gave it a try. But after tomorrow it is all over – back to work with a 90 minute commute each way, every day. I am, obviously, on the hunt for something else – there is no reason to spend 3 hrs of my life everyday without pay – rather, it costs me to go there.

Life is in flux, the world is in deep hazard, and I am about this || close to just closing the 401k and using it to get things Done that are vital…hopefully, after Christmas, we can sell this place to a Yankee with more money than sense and move somewhere a bit less crowded. We’ll see…

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