Breakin’ = Bad


What we’ve got there is a tibial plateau fracture, nondisplaced in the left tibia. Yep, I did a big fat number on it. Essentially I was standing on the left leg and slipped flat-footed to the ground from about a 6 inch height, all my weight hitting that sucker in a jolt. When it happened I knew it was bad, that sudden feeling of nausea a sign of Not Good Things Happening. I hobbled a second and then sat down, doing that self-assessment. A few minutes later, I hobbled on it to the office and continued to assess. There came a sharp moment when I was thinking “ER, maybe…” but called Sarge.

I could hear the exasperation in his voice, it being a hellish time in his own office and having no time to play doctor but I figured he could give me a go/no-go assessment at least. Meanwhile, I called my doc to get an appointment – the accident was on Thursday and Monday was the soonest…the xray was less than helpful, not showing real injury but he nailed it with the cautionary mumble of “it could be a plateau fracture…maybe an MRI…”

So the MRI was yet another week later or – was it two? Sigh…regardless, I hobbled around on it, wearing a brace. FINALLY the MRI, which was an utter PITA because she had to reboot the system twice. Nothing like giving me confidence…and the image still sucks if you ask me. I should have demanded a CT of it and the thigh to ensure the damage didn’t escalate.

And then another weekend of hobbling only to have the ortho doctor’s helper tell me what was wrong and that I must put no weight on it. For a month.



I’ve been walking on it for 3 fucking weeks, Sirrah. Seems the “nondisplaced” aspect (which merely means the broken bones are holding onto each other in a final grip of hope) can go to the “displaced” aspect (read nuts and bolts repair) without giving notice. The crutches are cheap and my ability to use them suboptimal. I am at greater risk of falling on them than just standing with care. The one thing that amazed us all was the meniscus appeared to take the blow without bursting or tearing. Lucky, lucky.

So…a lot of sitting around while still working from home and waiting until early Nov when the check-up comes and more xrays. I am cramming the dairy in my diet to feed the bones and the protein to help the muscles doing all the work to hold things up. And I admit to more than a little fear of using the damned thing in the future – will it ever knit together again to be safe? Will it be arthritic the rest of my days, predicting the weather? I credit my life-long feasting on dairy for the fact that the tibia didn’t shatter under me.

It is easy to fall into the “poor me” mentality – but I force myself to think of all the good men and women coming home with terrible injuries and coming back from them. But I’ve not been badly injured since I was young and never a broken bone…so it has been shocking to my system. I will have to do some research on recovery from this kind of injury – I can see where it would turn a person into a tub o’ lard…terrifying to think about using it…let alone running on it.

I have to note the aid of a few people…Sarge has taken up the slack like a mofo. It sucks to do it all but he has and I appreciate it. Then there is sweet Christina who slaved in the kitchen over her weekend to make gumbo, bolognaise sauce, and braised beef to load up my freezer. So kind, so generous, so delicious!! I cannot thank her enough for it…Sarge is spoiled with a hot meal each day so it has been a tremendous aid to me and a suitable reward for his work.

Now, just a lot of waiting, and hoping…and chowing down the cheese…and gumbo.

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