Sunday, Sweaty Sad Sunday

What a strange day…Sarge has been sweating in the attic (AKA pick up sticks with nails covered in shingles) trying to install some cameras. Sadly, I bought the reasonably priced cabled version. Which means he has been up there dying. I told him he’d gotten enough done for one weekend but he is seeing it through, I suppose. When a man is sweaty and covered in insulation, you just stand back and hand up tools when asked.

But what just happened was quite off-putting. Big Head, the feral cat that visits now and then, showed up earlier. As usual, we put out the food and water. We were busy…and then, after lunch, I heard what sounded like the warning howl of a cat fight about to begin. Except it wasn’t. It was the final howl of a cat letting go the 9th life. We looked out to find him in the last great gasps, pulling him onto his blanket to ensure that was the fact…yes, indeed, he was wounded as though maybe just tagged by a car and scuffed up. Not terribly but enough, enough….as he gave up the ghost we finally laid hands on him, smoothing his fur in long strokes that he would never permit in life. Soft, soft…I gave a moments thought to what might have been if he’d been tamed.

It gives me a quiet comfort that he came to us in those final moments, resting his head on our doorstep. Poor little fellow. At least we won’t have to wonder about him as we always did. He would show up just when you were sure he’d never do so again.

I would swear in the final moment I felt a low purr under my hand, as if even his feral self had to admit it was nice to be with the human and let the natural response forth…bless you, ol’ Big Head. We’ll miss you.

Watching While Playing Live

I’ve been quite enamored with the series, House Of Cards. Most amusing is how the Hollywood Left is portraying the Liberal side as horrid calculating bastards. I cannot wait to see how they try to turn it around. Regardless, it is full of the familiar and frightening. And it makes what is happening today all the more resounding.

There is nothing to stop the juggernaut, now. Cartels in every military force, and private security preventing military base access to our elected officials. The border teeming with the distractions while the destroyers enter at will and with whatever they choose to bring along. The cartels agreed to aid the Other Than Mexican types through in exchange for – well, I am sure the quickness and furiousness was a welcome exchange. Oh, I fully expect them to turn on their dark friends from the east one day. But it won’t make a difference – while they have a kind of cult-like Catholicism, they (like everyone) underestimates the level of madness that permeates that culture. They will destroy the world even if they destroy themselves in the process. The cartels think they can control it, maybe one day take it all over and run it like some tidy game. I almost feel sorry for them..

But they are all ruthless enemies from our own hallowed (and infiltrated) halls to the barbarous coasts. Soon you will see echelons removed in a cost saving maneuver. Then roles taken by those without American names. And finally, terrible and tragic failures that will take the lives of so many innocent troops. All accidents, of course. Assets everywhere will be squandered. I would not for my life be one of them now…

Add in the shaky ground everywhere – literally. I keep an eye on the geophysical side of things. The whole Oklahoma thing is interesting, no? And no one is curious? Go ahead and plug in the lat/long. Nothing there – no landscapes to indicate any of that activity. No up thrusts, no cratering, no sign that might give the shakes there cause. It is interesting…

It is all just too much sometimes and I waver toward utter apathy. But I have to learn to turn that into something useful. So much to do…time, maybe, to end the social infection source and quit wasting time on it. This…it takes little enough time. For now.