Making The Grade

We attended our godson’s homeschool graduation last night – it was amusing because he is already taking community college courses and has the appearance of a 25 yr old operator home on leave. But last night was the first time his peers really saw what he had accomplished in his short life. Each family was allowed a 5 minute video and brief speech. I wish I could share the video but his family is very private and it would not be proper. But allow me to note what accomplishments were detailed in his bio.

Life Guard, Wilderness First Responder, Open Water SCUBA, Level III Commissioned Security Officer, Level IV Personal Protection Officer, Water Safety Instructor, Life Guard Instructor

During these things he managed to acquire over 30 hours of college credit.

We are so proud of him…I was glad I remembered to bring the hanky because I needed it. At the end of the video his father’s speech was short and sweet – that his goal was to raise a good man and send him out into the world and that he had reached that goal. And it was true. So many of the other videos were merely a timeline with few accomplishments noted. And the speeches were long and without half the meaning of those few words.

He is a fine young man who will soon be moving on to his next adventure, well prepared for it. (He and his father may or may not have actually attended the training event. Ahem.)


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