I’ve been listening to music from my youth – and a bit older…and I suddenly remembered this one. It was almost an anthem for the years I spent courting…disaster.

It used to amaze me that I lived to be 25. Now, I am baffled how I got to 40. I honestly shouldn’t be alive.

I miss smoking something fierce sometimes…

4 thoughts on “Drifting”

  1. Nor should I. Youth is wasted on the young. So many things to go horribly wrong without knowledge to know that. 110 MPH in a car with drum brakes. No traction control. Screw up and the car will kill you. That car is still here to remind me of my luck. We all make our choices. I have been very lucky and yet I also know it is the luck of the draw anyway. Interesting dichotomy you think? Did stupid things. I still do. Yet random chance can take you out in an instant.

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