I’ve been listening to music from my youth – and a bit older…and I suddenly remembered this one. It was almost an anthem for the years I spent courting…disaster.

It used to amaze me that I lived to be 25. Now, I am baffled how I got to 40. I honestly shouldn’t be alive.

I miss smoking something fierce sometimes…

Freedom Day of the Second

Once upon a time…it always starts the story off, no? Well, in this instance it started off an entire new career in the middle of a fine one. It was a call, just a simple call to a simple house after asking the operator for the number. Joaquin told him – “If you want to be a Ranger, we ain’t comin’ to Georgia to get ya…” The next day the packet was filled out with his perfect print letters.

We wound up in an area that was kind, indeed. Not the Permian which was certainly possible. And he did well. As we found out, though, sometimes being good at what you do – and being a good person – angers and shames those who are not. And, sometimes, they have rank. So you suck it up, do the job, and hope like hell to get a lifeline out. The last time, he actually said something like “Fish and Game is hiring…” – and as the dutiful wife I reminded him that it wasn’t why he called Joaquin that day.

He found a way out from under that burden and to a slot that seemed to fit him like a glove – and so it did while a person of good character and maturity was in charge. But then the changes came and with it came an untenable situation. Once again, the stress hiked and he was pushed to his limits. But it was as if grandpa reached from the beyond and pressed certain people to need certain things, and Sarge had the skills lined up like Rockettes.

Last night, he raised the shot glass of whiskey high in salute and gave a goodbye to all that. And, not long after, slept soundly – the sleep of the person freed from persecution.

No one knows what this new slot will bring – troubles, certainly. Triumphs are likely. But there is a lot of ground to cover between here and there. I’m just glad to see him smile again, to have him move with a light spirit after so much trudging about…

It is hard to remember in the hard times that things can and often do get better. His nickname used to be “Patience” because he really had none. Even now he has to remember the adage about the bulls on the hill…he has to walk down the hill and most especially now. It is a singular role – the first ever in the history of the force. It is a lot of pressure. But I know he can do it – the question is: can I put up with him in the meantime? Jeez, he’s a rowdy pain in the ass when he’s happy.

That’s the jack booted thug I fell in love with all those years ago when this story first began…