What Holiday?

I have to give a big fat Meh to this years’ holiday season. Fact is, I worked much of it as did Sarge so it never felt like that big sigh of time off/relief from the burden…the day after Christmas I went ahead and disassembled all the finery. Little time to do so later (see Work) and no one was visiting so…onward.

In truth, I ignore the New Years Eve event – I don’t drink often so there is no attraction in that. And it brings out the utter moron in people who do. So…safe at home I remained, knitting my sweater to its finish. And it’s lovely! I made some errors along the way (I am not good at spacing buttonholes) but I am fixing the cuff now (larger than the other) and it will be all good again. Here – take a gander at the back.


The color is very nice and definitely due to the changing skeins every few rows. Ah, yes! We did have a lovely New Years Day! We went to the home of our adopted family and spent much of it lazing under lovely trees on a wide deck with comfy seating. Everyone had their blanket or coat, S’more and twig…it was truly like a vacation that day and I should be grateful for it.

Today was spent taking the garage apart, getting ride of useless things and trash, then rearranging it so another motorcycle will fit. Fingers crossed and prayers sent, Sarge may be moving on to a new role. Yes, another one that he has had tremendous experience performing…more on that if I am allowed to mention it, assuming he gets it.

Meanwhile it was VERY good to get these boxes unburied and available to properly load and refresh. I think we need a couple more but for now I need to get mine updated. That, and pull in the Go Bag from the truck and reorganize it. A few months ago someone at an event needed a simple bandaid and I was unable to find one. Madness! I have a thousand other useful things and that one small item eluded me. So…a revamping of the kit.

Zed asked if anyone was developing a preparation resolution – one of mine was to get that garage arranged so that it could be used again so I am pleased to have it done. Another would be to get more canned meats on the shelves – the freeze dried is nice but being able to crack open a tin and not prepare it in any way is also useful. It is more expensive but just getting a few cans a month is easy enough. Big ticket? I ache to get the spare tire out of the back of the truck – the external option is very expensive but sooo desired…this is another version though less sexy. This puts it on the front – not certain I like it that much but do-able.

Spare parts is also on my list – for vehicles as well as equipment. (Acquired a few such for the small things like jet fuel stoves this year.) I think we’re pretty squared away in many areas so it is sometimes hard to direct funds – a good problem to have, surely. Ah – yes! The dogs – more dog food should be canned while the empty cans are easy to acquire locally. Which reminds me to get another few cases of them this week.

Now, I have to research some pricing – found a Ford Explorer cargo cover and a Braves Bobby Cox bobblehead. AND a whole case full of older PC games. Ebay is my friend, I hope. Time to sell…

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