That Was A Waste Of Time

I swear…I have no idea how I wound up the only sane one in my family…so, we sent my father the “house rules” so that he would understand in writing the expectations and it would appear that not having any random stranger into our home was a deal breaker for him.

Excellent. Good luck with that. Ahem.

“But I like to have friends come and go…I am gregarious and outgoing…” yeah – read that as “I want to bring home any nutball I meet at the VFW…” and I am astounded that he thought this was a reasonable expectation.

And now I have rather a lot of furniture moving and whatnot. We use the guest room as storage for a lot of our acquisitions and we’d transferred it all to our room, etc. Anyway, Sarge says no problem – we’ll move it back.

This would be a good place for me to note the absolute support, kindness, and patience he has shown in all this. Not only agreeing to house the man, but dealing with the back and forthing of my family and myself, and finally the task of ensuring Dad knew the rules…he has been amazing. Just amazing.

So I guess we’ll be sending him a nice holiday meal delivery and helping as we can in whatever he chooses to do, now. He does want to move to our area and we did offer to help him find a place. Eventually, we’ll have to deal with it all again. But not now…not for a time…

Time, instead, to get things organized again and maybe to get a tree…haven’t decorated in several Christmases – maybe it will be the last time to do so with ease. Heck, I think this is what happened the last time we did it circa 2007. Ranger edited the garland to his satisfaction.

If there is a bright spot, it is that we found the engine heater plug on the Excursion so it is now happy. They are not fans of cold weather and it made this morning’s chilly start a far easier one. Mind you, this is after the AC Compressor went tits up on us…that was an expensive experience and that is with a mechanic friend. I suspect some of the bill was a pain in the ass surcharge since the belt is a royal bitch to fit into the area. Suffice to say I am learning a lot about the spare parts we’ll want to have and the repair manual to purchase. Sheesh.

I edited the linkage over there > and it was merely a matter of cleaning things up. No judgment passed, just slimming things down. I need to do more of that – around the house, around the belt, around the blog…time to get things in shape. And I was sure to add Commander Zero’s blog FINALLY because he has the best gear recommendations. We have acquired a number of things because he has found them, tried it out, and offered comments on how to improve it. Someday we’ll have to get up there and visit and let the dogs play.

Now, I need to actually earn my pay (work is feast or famine right now). It has been weird there – we had this amazingly profitable sector that was kicking ass. Then, suddenly, this absolute asshole executive of a sector that has been consistently over budget sucked it into his sector. And made himself the boss. And my sweet and kind boss may find himself replaced by a sycophant. I cannot tell you the level of asshole-ishness this guy has. Nor can I relate just how many resumes have been hitting the market – because no one wants to work for him. I wonder if the Big Cheeses have handed this to him so that he fails with a notably good sector and they can get rid of him. It’s possible.

Just as an FYI – I think things are getting bad and will be getting a lot worse very soon. If you haven’t done a damn thing to prepare, go at least to Augason Farms and order the easiest and most affordable package you can – they are having good sales all month. And get as much water as you can easily store. At least that way you have options. When this wheel spins off the axel you will have options and this will give you a few days more than most…

4 responses to “That Was A Waste Of Time

  1. This was an interesting post…it didn't have your usual style to it. And….. Profanity! Good for you!

    I had to double check twice to make sure I was reading the right blog. Your usual style is much more…mmm…polished and deliberate. I liked this one, it made you seem different than what I imagined you're like.

  2. Zed, you have no idea. LOL I suppose I try to be polite here…it IS the internet, after all, and it lives forever.

    But I curse like a sailor, and often. As for the scattered nature of this post – it was a scattered day with work, husband and dogs interrupting the muse.

    But it is Friday Night Shift. Who knows what might come forth?

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