Craftsmanship For Kindness

I saw awhile back a fundraiser for “Squeaky” and thought I’d jump in. After all, I didn’t have much to lose – it was just a few bucks. And I won something!! And that something was a wee shield – decorative or for someone small to play with – and it could be customized per the artisan. Why, yes! Thank you!

And that was what arrived. Can I tell you how magical and wonderful and amazing it is?! We are big fans of such handwork so we know what it took to make that happen and I could not be happier.

It will make a lovely gift for our good friends for whom it is a kind of family emblem. (Read these with your kids to get the gist…)

What an amazing win/win…I am floored by how amazing the blog community it, sometimes…thank you, Sir, for such a wonderful piece of art!!

5 thoughts on “Craftsmanship For Kindness”

  1. Ah, true – it is about two hands across, fingers spread…

    The leaf motif has always been a favorite of mine, also. I haven't seen a lot of engraved weapons outside of the dream room at Cabelas, though…

  2. Artisan is kinda pushing it a bit, more like an idiot with an over-active imagination and a hammer.

    Glad you liked it and I hope the folks your handing it off to will like it as much!

    IIRC its about 12″ tall

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