Stop And Go

I know better than to have that small cup of coffee at this hour…and the fine chocolate beside it…but one ought not to throw away good coffee and it was the leftover from his Thermos fix. It is a hazard of the night shift widow – making food at odd hours that you have to deny yourself, and brewing coffee you can’t drink.

It has been a long few weeks, and challenging. We learned a few things – namely, that the Excursion won’t fit on any standard rental trailer units. But that we had friends who had some that would work should the need arise again – and dear God let that not be the case…Sarge hasn’t felt all that well the last few nights and I attribute it to a few causes but surely his lack of enthusiasm for the job of late isn’t helping. It may change soon. But I think there is more. We shall see.

He left last week for a funeral at the homeplace – a 16-18 hour journey that we’ve made a few times before. I packed the Excursion with all he might need – the Thermos, the cooler for water bottles, and the one full of food he can eat since road food isn’t kind in the gluten department. He was a bit more than halfway there when the vehicle did one of these numbers…the Reavers (2:50m) got nothin’ on him…the local law dogs didn’t appreciate it, either, since no one could drive east on 20 with any kind of visibility within 3 miles of him.

I get credit for finding a dealership within a few exits of his position in under 2 minutes time, thank you very much. And a hotel. Said dealership had to pull the cab from the frame to get to the turbo which decided to thrust all its vanes into the engine at speed with alacrity. Said vanes became a kind of metallic oil additive that went all through everything in its death throes. Essentially the stuff in this toy, rendered throughout.

Sarge got a rental, returned home, and about 4 days later he returned to get the repaired vehicle. The Excursion had every oil breached part replaced or cleaned. All seems well, now, but it was a trying time, and he missed the funeral. But we kept telling each other that there was obviously a reason for it. Perhaps only to save me from that critical failure while I was driving to work…who knows…

Otherwise…I’ve been trying to be the kind woman of the house, easing his irritation in all things. A lot of Christmas presents have been arriving (planned ahead this year) as well as a good deal…sweet fuel cans of large size and good manufacture. Zed got the heads up after I bought mine and he told the rest so…likely all gone. (Edit: diesels remain though I think I will be getting a couple more…)

Speaking of gifts…it is definitely worthwhile to go to and set up an account. A kind of…edited offering of the best goods out there for the menfolk as well as manly tales…I have acquired a number of items from them.

Well, the coffee is wearing off, and I’ve an early day…so much going on and so little that I can do about any of it. Fight the good fight, as they say.