I still move about in the world, still here…just busy and more on the Book du Face than here or – yes – reading your words, kind friends.

Lately, it has been trying to keep Ranger from humping himself into a cramped wreck with Kota. Yes she is in heat and no she is not fixed. I had thought it might be wise to wait in case things went really strange since large and scary dogs might be of value – especially those that can pull their own weight, literally. But it may be time to stop that hope of motherhood.

At any rate, it might be faster to tell the story in photos. No, not of the humping. You’re welcome.

I’ve been knitting my hands off…a bit of this (can you see my error?):


And then there is this one – did you know our pal was famous??

And there was an acquisition – much desired and quite welcomed:

There was a little summer training. She’s a natural and one that Sarge is anxious to get on the 3Gun habit…bloody damned ammunition is still impossible to get at a reasonable price. It makes me very angry, indeed.


Lastly, a bit of traveling to pretty, small towns

There you have it – the last 3 months, really. A lot of stressful goings on, some drama, much boredom, and boxes of Christmas gifty fun arriving because this year I really did think ahead. Yay me!

Oh…speaking of gifty goodness…look what a dear friend gave me the other day. An Emerson. Bloody damned sharp, perfect micro-grippage, and the size? Baby Bear’s porridge. Lord love him…he’s a good guy. Very kind. Now, I just need to work out the stiffness in it.


BTW, did you know LA Police Gear had its BOB on sale cheap? Sweet bag for the price! We got a couple and I’ve turned one into a purse because the 1911 fits very nicely. Get a couple, throw some rattle can at it, and you could easily tuck it away somewhere for later retrieval IYKWIMAITYD.

As for today? Go find the French documentary about the day. It says a hell of a lot more than anything on the TV today…


4 responses to “Briefly…

  1. Thanks, oh Feisty one!! Still knitting away on the wrap!

    Six, I dunno how you manage to get the primers/rounds for competition but bless you! Sarge also shoots in Heavy – you should see the fancy holster types twitch when the .308 goes BOOM all rapid-like. Good luck!!

  2. I'm glad you are doing well, and into so many interesting things. I tried knitting once, it was going to be a sweater for my Dad. After about 3 months and assorted curse words it ended up as a tube dress for someone's Barbie.


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