Shades of September (AKA House Painting)

Well, it will be a LONG project but a necessary one….the house when new had a vestigial amount of paint applied. Same for caulking. So…time to get cracking on the autumn chore – exterior painting. We’ll yank crappy caulk out and add new, replace a bit of fascia but then it will be time to clean and paint.

This is what we’re thinking – the red will be for the front and back door then just the edge of some trimwork (such as that inside trim of the garage door). The celery shade will be for the trim and porch ceilings and such. The cream is for the major part of the home. I think the red and celery hit the brick shades nicely. Some concern on the cream being too light in terms of maintenance but…I don’t think we’ll be here when it starts to get really dirty.

You can really see the trim color here…I wanted some sun and shade photos to ensure I was happy with the colors.

This is what I mean about the inside line on the garage trim. Still not certain about it. But I think it will be a nice shot of color in certain areas.

And the door…I like the idea of the red door though the sun does bake it in the afternoons and it would really cook in that darker color. Still…it pleases me.

Sarge has painted A LOT in the past so he is overly familiar with the task. I have only performed the task a few times – but I am fine with detail work. I suspect the trim will be best for me as he manages the rest. We have both declined the idea of spray painting it – I have yet to see a unit that functions well. Perhaps a professional version would but the average do it yourself brands have always clogged and been rather sparse on application. So…ladders and muscles for us.

August will be too busy to get much done (and too hot) but I think we can at least get wood filler applied, and fix grout. That should be pretty easy in the cooler hours. But there is a generous amount of it to do – blackland prairie ensures a lot of heave with the wet/dry weather so everything settles a bit over time. Well, we’ll see how it goes. I have high hopes! And then…flooring…think tile…just not sure what kind. I crave some lovely stuff in the master – actually, I crave a master re-do into one of those walk-in shower rooms.

The current soaking tub has a crack (yes, dear, it does even if it “doesn’t go all the way through” – this an on-going debate) so I am tempted to ditch it entirely for a large shower area but suspect most buyers will expect the soaker so I’ve my eyes peeled for a Craigslist construction leftover. You know – the ones that fall off the truck. Ahem. ANYHOO…like this:

That is actually quite like our bath format including the window so it’d work nicely. I want to get the window frosted so that curtains aren’t necessary…the view isn’t much but it is a large window…feel free to extend any comments, warnings, etc. about the above ideas and colors.

Anyway, there you have it – the rest of our year planned out. Sarge promises me a snow vacation which is what I’d really like. I wish CO hadn’t gone full asshat…I am thinking Wyoming or Idaho might be the options. Utah, perhaps. Have to check the carry laws because I don’t go anywhere I cannot do so. Now…some knitting and some Bones episodes. Feisty’s daughter turned me on to the show and – though I know it is all hooey in terms of reality – I really do love the forensics thing and the main character’s personality. Much like me,  she is very matter of fact and lacking some awareness of courtesies.

Now I just have to sneak out of the bedroom – her Royal Watchdogness demands her nap except she cannot do so in her favorite bathroom unless I am in view in bed. She gets very bossy about it and grumpy from being tired. I’ll post a video of it later, perhaps. Time to make my escape.

Long Time, No Change

Ah, yes…the old blog…it was a comment from Old NFO that brought me back, reminding me that this place languished. Life has been a bit busy, of course, and August is likely to remain much the same. But the days have had highlights – Sarge’s hand is healing very well. The knuckles are coming back from under the layer of swelling that has finally receded. He is back at work though next week he spends each day on a private gig so I’ll be on my own to get the house cleaned for company.

That company will be a week of teen entertainments – shooting, Schlitterbahn’ing, and maybe a side trip west to show him the Texas of the old westerns…

An incredible storm rolled through last night, the line hustling southward and hurrying Kota into the bed beside me. She hates storms and I’d given her a sleepy treat to ease her a bit. But I was glad I’d unplugged my laptop – a rather strong bolt hit near as I held my cell phone and I could feel the littlest sizzle. It would have to make a dog fretful with their other senses bristling.

We had a nice, long meeting of the knitting club – HKB – and I was able to display my amazing shawl to those who could appreciate it for what it was – the hard work evident to those who could count the stitch-hours. A few errors are there but I’d had a terrible incident of stitches that fell off the needle and my recovery was a make-do effort.


Sarge called last night, having a lab around his heels as his owner was walking around the grounds. Marcus remembered him from the last meeting, I think – an auction for a non-profit. I wondered how his dog handled the storm that crossed their region.

We’ve been talking about the coming changes to the upper echelon and what we might do. Suffice to say, from August 3rd his studies begin for the Lieutenant role. Where that role might be is the issue…odds are he’d be in the Permian which means getting a trailer and parking it somewhere, coming home every other weekend, perhaps. It is just what one does, an accepted process. With any luck, we will have moved by then to a place with more privacy. We got screwed in the market collapse so it is a matter of waiting a time to get the market higher. If nothing else, we can always rent it to local troops – this a standard practice, too. They stay for their year and need someplace within a small radius of their area.

The mess that is American Politics continues to be an appalling failure. We just keep purchasing things of use, waiting for prices to drop on ammo. I need to get to the range but will not waste the good stuff on practice. I think in a few days we will be able to acquire a restock. I need to get the reloading materials restocked, too. I am in charge of The Great List so there is always something on my mind which makes Sarge nuts. But he has enough to think about so I try to deal with it…

We had a scare the other day. Our Godson is an amazing man. His beloved is an amazing girl. She was very unwell and he was diagnosing (he has ridden with EMT for years, now). Her parents (spit) were dismissive of the pain. He finally took her to the ER, which meant her anger being thrust at him and a stern lecture from her father. His concern was vindicated when they immediately admitted her for a bad appendix. The father did not apologize, of course.

Healing, she received word that the test of the organ showed cancerous cells. A long wait and some additional tests, lots of prayers…and word finally that it appears the cells did not migrate from the organ so she just needs scanned a few times a year. My relief was evident as the tears fell…the cells are known to invade the ovaries so the thought of her losing her fertility at this age, or worse losing her life was just a terrible thing. I am hopeful continued tests will confirm she remains healthy…

It is a strange time – that terror was bordered by very good news for the Godson’s father so we were pulled from one emotional edge to another. Add in the birth of a lovely girl to good friends and you can understand that we’ve had so little time for the frivolous. Well, a little time, perhaps…I chose my anniversary gift (a new kitchen sink) and he chose his. We are not big celebration types – can you tell? Ha!

And now…he is awake and it’s time to feed the beast. Enjoy your weekend, friends!