Chicks Dig Scars

That’s what he told the doc, anyway, when they planned the surgery. And it looks like this one could be impressive!

And there it is swollen as can be – finally out of the cast, the first thing he did was scratch and then let his wrist circle about a bit. It had been aching terribly. Not a bad scar, really! Just need to ensure the scarring tissue doesn’t try to adhere to the tendon and get his range of motion back. He is performing his exercises as directed.

Well, that and looking at vids from the base in Germany that he once served at…good times. Amusing him these past few weeks has been tough. Hell, keeping my own sanity has been tough. But it is all good – he will have a great story one day.

Me? It is back to the same ol’ soon. Just as soon as he is off the meds and can drive himself, anyway.

Who wants to bet he is back on the bike in the house within the week? Uh huh.

4 responses to “Chicks Dig Scars

  1. Going to be a fine scar. When explaining it to the gullible and small children I suggest it was a battle with a great white shark where Sarge had to reach into it's mouth and pull out it's heart.

    I have both my grandkids absolutely convinced that I have battled everything from sharks to alligators to wild rampaging mountain lions armed with shivs and bad dispositions.

    Hey, it's a guy thing!

  2. Hey, NFO! Yep, he is using all manner of implements and torture devices to get back that range of motion – and not doing badly! I bet he is on the bike in a couple weeks (outside).

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