While the world watched the carnage replayed, I wrestled with my own internal pain for 36 hours, at one point restlessly wandering the house as the fever came and went. Whether it is my gall bladder giving a warning or just food poisoning, it was a horrible way to spend the night. Sleep would come with merciful relief but too brief…then the roiling and cramping and awful aching inside. Sarge was home for much of it, kindly fetching small things to help me, stroking my head when there was nothing else to be done. I think it scared us both, this mysterious ailment. I am still not quite myself, hesitant to add much food yet but hydrating as best I can. Nearly 6 lbs lost…

It is intriguing to see how much video and cam offerings there have been from Boston. I wonder about friends who might be en route, and how it drowned out other news. The First Lady of Texas has lost her father, and the DA murders are solved. Having missed much of the goings on, I try to concentrate on the rest of life…laundry to catch up on, dogs to love on…especially a big one that refused to leave my side throughout my sickness, sleeping within sight of me every moment that I remained in bed. She lays in the bathroom, her long legs hardly fitting in the space offered, and always her tongue too long for her mouth…


Sarge has made me a biking – cycling? – widow. He has lost 25+ lbs and thoroughly enjoys the sport. It isn’t an inexpensive one but cheaper, perhaps, than the ammunition for 3 Gun which we can no longer enjoy. I suppose it is a match for my knitting expense, though – the stash is not an inexpensive acquisition…

 We each have our needs, after all…

At any rate, that is about all I have to offer – nothing stunning, or revelatory. Hardly even intellectual but it is all I have in me after these last few days. And now, the quest to get a bit more soup down my gullet when all I want to do is avoid all food. Thankfully, I had a good stash of homemade ham soup in the freezer so all I need do is reheat it. And, soon, sleep…

4 responses to “Recovery

  1. Hope you are well on the mend.

    Delighted you were well cared for by the Handsome Sarge and the faithful canine. That warmed my heart, that furry girl.


  2. Sorry you're feeling poorly.
    I just had my second night of nausea, sweats, dizziness and general misery from an unnamed malady that strikes about 3 in the morning after I've had fatty, greasy food – KFC the first time and breaded fried crawfish last night.
    I'm guessing gallbladder too.
    Love your blog.

  3. Thanks, all, for the comments! What a tough few days. In fact, it took nearly 5 days for my system to show improvement.

    I am hoping it is not the gallbladder but…being on 99% paleo diet lately I haven't had a lot of breaded stuff.

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