Another Set of Wings

It was with some pride (and some sadness) that I watched my stepdaughter take her final oath on the parade ground of Lackland AFB (JBSA, now). She was a flight leader, taking charge of a bunch of girls, and leading them to amazing records on BEAST week. And then…following them as they all marched around the field, last in the flight like a mother duck pushing her ducklings along.

The event also brought Sarge to thoughts of returning, himself…his prior role as Loadmaster, perhaps. Maybe Security Forces. So he has returned to his conditioning regimen, having been prevented from much exercise post-op until now. And I, as always, am on the ground, waiting, as everyone else takes to the sky. “They also serve who only stand and wait”, eh? Yes, I suppose.

The entire event was tainted, though, with the revelation of a terrible lie – a falsehood hidden for a year that angers us deeply. It was a blow, hearing the words uttered casually and by accident. We strove to continue through the day’s events and the next day’s graduation with as much grace as we could summon. But having to break bread with the lie sitting at table…it was very hard, indeed. I wept as we walked the line of static display – so angry and having no way to thrust it at the target. Furious as I have not been in a very long time…there was only one thing that slowed that thundering heartbeat.

I wish I could have climbed in and left it all behind – the anger, the sadness, the disappointment…but I was grounded. Wings clipped and left tethered to it all…I tell myself that it will all resolve in time. That surely she will see the error…understand that our prior words of warning were accurate. But the fact is that it is her life to live – we can choose to support her and not the lie. And so we have…

And now, off to Ft. Lee for 6-8 wks for additional training. She scored high enough for any job, really, but she wanted rank ASAP which means fast tracking. However, she may find some better way – or all those stripes that watched her so closely over the last few months may seek her out for other things. She is a natural leader – not as common in women, truthfully. I suspect she will be valued by many…

3 responses to “Another Set of Wings

  1. Hang in there Laura. This too shall pass. It's still a day to celebrate. My nephew just finished his basic and job training and is off to his new station in Japan.

    Lu says hi. Give the big guy a hug from us.

  2. She will do well if she has half of the strength and wisdom of her father and stepmother.

    I'm glad you were there for her, and did not let the stain of “what isn't” mar “what is”.

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