Farewell, Ed…

It is strange, this ephemeral relationship we develop among bloggers. You may have never met and know intimacies their family do not. You can have their mind laid out like a map before you to admire, or disdain.

But disdain was never a word I could associate with Ed Rasimus. He had such a welcoming attitude. I admit to some pilot geek affection – readily. So it is with anyone who can force metal into sky. But it was reading his books that really drove my admiration to its breadth. He was able to bring complex aspects of war to life without losing you in the details. I had asked him to publish his early history and I have a Chapter 1, a kind gift from his friend given me the other day. But reading it reminds me that the rest of the story has left with the man. And so very many others…

Hell, there are a hundred things I could write about the man. He was very kind to me on his blog and mine. But nothing I can say will make a moment’s difference compared to what he accomplished and the hole he has left. I take a great comfort knowing that he will not have to see his beloved nation crumble. But I could surely use his strong words right now.

As Billy noted on Facebook, “He once told me that he thought that he’d be ‘checking out just about on-time,’ meaning that there wouldn’t be much left after he was gone. He was right.
He links to this interview offering some details one might not have.

Jethead also had a good interview wherein I noted Ed still had that midwest accent, having never taken on the Texas drawl.

As for me, it puts me in mind of that line in Out Of Africa when Isak is asked where Denys is – “He’s off with Barkley”, she says. But for me I tell myself , “He’s off with Robin,” because if there is a heaven, they are in it and raising all manner of trouble.

Hoist one in his name. His like will not come again soon.

9 thoughts on “Farewell, Ed…”

  1. Ed's gone? I hadn't heard yet I did fear. This is awful. He was a good man. You're right, we won't see his like again. Man. I am going to miss him.

  2. Laura, you've written a nice tribute to Ed. Billy informed me, because I had been wondering about Ed due to his absence at Thunder Tales.

    Thank you, also, for linking to those two interviews. I'll be reading them.

    I'll be hoisting one to Ed, shortly.

  3. I will have to get permission from the person who sent it to me. It may well be something that was never intended for a wider audience. But I shall ask!

  4. Well, just Damn! I worried having checked his blog with some frequency and noticed no posts after 12/24. Great writer, extraordinary life.
    As has been said above: we'll not see his like soon.

    R.I.P. Ed. Now you don't have to check six.

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