Rainy Drive

I had errands this morning as Sarge slept…more pork from our favorite rancher, and more supplies from the folks at the storehouse…I reached in the console for something to play and this was at hand. It was quite the echo from the past…and suitable to the rainy weather and drifting lane paint.

Home, it was more puttering, cookery, cleaning – the usual. But I kept smelling autumn in the air. We’ve no leaves falling here, no tremendous shades of fire for the eye. Still, there was something stirring.

A need to have things in order weighs on my mind. I’ve been dotting i’s and crossing t’s all around me as if that order might bring a similar order to the world. I cannot give it my attention, not what it might deserve. It turns, it falls, it fails. And it does not need my approval or notice. Rather, I work hard to Acquire…to Plan…to Learn.

Now, if only it also brought Sleep…


2 thoughts on “Rainy Drive”

  1. Oh, I NEED the sleep. LOL But neither of us are doing well with the on/off night shift – some days shift is as it should be. Then weird hours tossed in the middle. Makes it hell to get a pattern…

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