Tight Socks, Sore Toes But Good Bacon

I don’t know what I was thinking this morning as I put the hiking boots on over the woolen socks. I was a little distracted, admittedly, and yanked on me socks with a firm tug and then applied said boots.

After about 7 hours of standing, walking, lifting, pulling and otherwise moving a ton of hooey for a good friend. my feet were screaming at me. The fiberglass I had all over was also talking but I was able to shut it up with a nice wipe down now and then. Home, the shoes and socks came off and it was an insanely painful relief. I KNOW better. I should have stopped and fixed them early in the day. Alas, when I get my labor mojo on, I am all about the job. What can I say? I LOVE manual labor. I really do. There is nothing like actually FEELING as though you did something.

At any rate, I treated the irritated feet to a nice soaking as Sarge showered. Just so happens my ponytail was a terrible matted mess, too. Again, I knew better – I knew I’d be all up in the business of rat poop, dirt, dust, metal filings, and etc. I should have braided it all up. Lazy…

I blame all of that on a terrific breakfast at our favorite local TexMex. It’s not special, it isn’t “authentic”, it just tastes good. Simple and good. And then back to the local farmer’s market for one guy’s divine bacon and steaks – and bones for the dogs. And some good eggs from another guy who seemed rather put off at our asking. Grumpy, indeed. Well, life sucks for most people these days…maybe he’d hoped to hold onto those last two dozen for himself…

Sarge was laughing as he looked at the clock, rationalizing being ready for bed at 9:30p. He has been running on about 4-5 hrs a night lately. Between his part time work, and the constant pinging of the work cell in the day, he hardly rests at all. Today was supposed to be a 2-gun shoot day but he just couldn’t do it on 3 hours sleep so he opted to stay abed for a whole 5. If I can, I hope to get him a good 10 or 12 tonight. Which is why I am typing while waiting on the washer to finish getting the nasty crap off my clothes. Exhausted…but hard work helping good friends is always a good feeling, afterward. And I think more of the same is on deck for tomorrow…

I’d rather be with the guys in WV at the blogshoot. Maybe I can still get some shooting in tomorrow, though! If he gets enough sleep he might be all over that idea!

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