Solar Sale – Goal Zero

We have a few of the Goal Zero items and I have to admit they work pretty darn well. Sure, you might have to angle the panels a bit for optimal sun and plan ahead to allow them time to recharge but they are tough, sharply designed, and they do the job.

The company is also very responsive to your geeky electrical questions so don’t be afraid to ask. (And they have been selling out rather often of late…)

Right now they have a few “kits” on a 20% off sale – sure, they are still a bit expensive but these days I am putting my falling dollars into tangible and useful items. So there.

Check it out if so inclined…

Not so relatedly, these boxes are sweet as can be and at a decent pricepoint. No, they don’t have the inner drawers but you can probably use it to hold a lot of bandages and Neosporin. Or taters! If he still has some in a few weeks I may just have to snatch a few up.

(I also have an eye on these – just need to measure them out and ensure they fit handy items…)

3 responses to “Solar Sale – Goal Zero

  1. Lu and I just put in another 400 pounds of assorted dehydrated food and updated our pantry. I'm perusing Cheaper That Dirt right now for an ammunition order.

    Just in case…

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