That would be “NATIONAL IRRITATE A FOOD PIC HATER FOOD PIC POSTING WEEK”, friends, courtesy of the amazing Yabu and the hilarious Laura of The Flying Monkeys (like a saint, you know?)

Cracks me up that there is ever a controversy about these bloody damned blogs. It’s a diary that you’re putting out there for everyone. Someone is gonna be hating on your crush on David Cassidy and someone else is gonna piss you off with their assertion that STNG will totally last longer than the original.

No matter. It’s all good. Like this here chicken and dumplings. We had the first cool weather last night so even if  it did get up to the 90’s again I had the need for doughy goodness. It’s blonde food – all palid and insipid. But it’s damned good. Homemade? You bet your ass. Top to bottom. Let me tell you – get thee to these people for a smoked turkey. Get a honkin’ big one. You’re gonna use every inch of it. (I try to order one a month, cut it up, seal it up, and toss it in the freezer – strangely, the damned things never last long around here…) I held back the carcass for another soup and the picked over legs for this one. Mmmm! Smokey goodness…

There you have it – mommer’s chicken and dumplings – smokin’. (And those people who make giant noodles and dunk `em and call `em dumplings? Evil. Evil deceivers.)

The Big Picture
…and My Favorite Girl

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