Mah Authoritay!

Sigh…I find it damned sad when people put an opinion on a blog and then seem surprised and dismayed that others comment about it in ways that are not in full agreement.

If you want to stand up with your pennant in the breeze you’re gonna take some pot shots. If you don’t want to receive Incoming, the very least you can do is offer an opening salvo – No Dissent Desired! – which makes clear that you do not want conflict. I can respect that request with ease and aplomb. Look at Beck’s old place (dusty, I know – damned FaceBook) – he doesn’t CARE about your opinion and offers you no option to give it. I like that, too! Clean, concise, and you either stay or go – his consent for either not required.

Well, hell…maybe it really is time to just shrug this all off…I’ve been giving it strong consideration of late, Trooper’s new role making it doubly important to avoid painting him with my wide non-conformist brush. Which reminds me…the FaceBook acct will likely close shortly. Pretty much done with that little data mining crap. I’ll miss it – I’ll admit it. But the whole circle-jerk nature of it – the connections it is making and socking away – just pisses me off. So, time to let that go, too.

Besides, there is a generous plenty of stuff to get done. Without all this distraction I might actually manage it.

5 thoughts on “Mah Authoritay!”

  1. I tried to start a FB account twice. Never found a use for it other than voyeuristically looking at the pages of people I used to know. Thankfully I didn't do anything with them. Like you, I often think about giving up the blog, mainly because I'm not interested in debating anything anymore. Perhaps that's why I've always liked reading Beck's stuff.

    If you close your blog, just promise that you'll drop me an email if you and Trooper ever get up this way. We'd love to have you by for a cup of coffee.

  2. Hey guys! I am definitely going to set up a “coffee klatch” list of folks and stay in touch.

    I never had this place for more than a kind of journal – noting the changes in the world digitally rather than my old books…which is why I have NO CLUE how many visits I've had or comments, posts or whatnot. It was never the point.

    Maybe I'll just use it to document the endarkenment.

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