“Beauty and terror always exist in nature, but we forget the terror.”

I watched an amazing documentary, “Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom“, wherein the ephemeral nature of life, like the blossoms themselves, was annotated by the survivors.

My love for all things Japanesque runs deep. There is a compatibility – the privacy, the consideration, the love for small beauties and large…Seeing. Mockery is made of their penchant for photography but it is because they See things and want to hold them. How different from most Americans where an image is something to glance at and move on – the slash edit of a shallow mind.

And so these days feel just as brief – as if the calendar will shed pages like blossoms and hurtle us to the end. A power outage yesterday without cause instantly stirred me into wild thoughts and I had to remind myself that these days are easy ones – the hard work will come in time.

But the trees…perhaps a few more cherry trees could make a difference…even if only to soothe myself, and to a hard spring bring some light and hope. Self-rescue.

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